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What’s Your Writing Addiction?

One of my favorite prompts from NaPoWriMo this year encouraged participants to write a poem about the moon. Inspired by conversations on Twitter in which poets trying to accept the disproportionate amount of moon poetry they write, the prompt encouraged poets to accept their love of moon poetry as well. “Stop fighting the moon,” the prompt urges. “Lean in. Accept the moon. The moon just wants what’s best for you and your poems.” I can definitely say I have a bit of an addiction to writing about the moon, as evidenced by the list of 30 poems I wrote about the moon below. Do you find a particular subject or theme recurring in your writing? I’d love to know what it is! My Moon Poems: When the Moon is New A Crimson Moon Moon Ritual The Full Moon Will Rise Senryu 61 Moonrise At Night The Beat Grows Loud The Hounds of Diana Senryu 6 Solstice Ritual Haibun 4 Horror Haiku 59 The Color of Ghosts Autumn’s Cold Touch Jewel Tones Off the Coast of …

March Mood Board and Writing Prompts

March is all about watching for spring while it rains, waiting under fresh sheets with a cup of tea and a good book. Every flower bloom, leaf bud, and sunny day is cause for excitement. March Writing Prompts Cold morningsWhisper Shakespeare to mePale sunlightThe meadows bloomPressed flowersThe leaves begin to peekStrolls along the riverPlanting a tea gardenCrisp linenWildflowers return

Childhood Artifacts

I’ve been sorting through a box of old mementos and photos for a massive scrapbooking project, and along with some old poetry, I’ve also stumbled on some old art projects and other artifacts from my childhood. It’s funny how you can forget about an object until you see it again, and then a whole flood of memories come back. This sketch and painting was a high school art class assignment where we chose a picture from a pile, and sketched it upside down. We then chose one color, and painted the same picture upside down using different shades of that one color. I remember feeling so proud when my art teacher told me I had chosen well when I selected blue.