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Winter Horrors

I love horror movies set in winter. In some of the best, the winter weather can act as a second antagonist, trapping the hero of the movie. In others, it offers up gorgeous cinematography to serve as a poetic back drop for the story to unfold in. Below are some of my favorites, I’d love to hear about yours. Misery The Thing The Shining 30 Days of Night Let the Right One In Give Back: If you are looking for a way to donate or volunteer during Black History Month, Give Lively has a list of top rated charities serving local communities to consider. Read: All of the movies mentioned above were originally books, with the exception of 30 Days of Night, which is a comic book series. See: Wednesday, February 6– Look low in the west-southwest sky about an hour after sunset and you’ll see a thin crescent moon smiling just above the horizon. Watch: February 9th- If your looking for some counter programming to the wave of romance themed TV and movies rolling …

Muse of the Day

In spite of the three hours I spent combing over the details, I have, to this day, a very persistent certainty that hidden inside me is the revolting knowledge of days when I wasn’t quite myself. I now suspect that my inexplicable bouts of exhaustion are due to the massive effort of keeping those days behind me. Tony Burgess, Pontypool Changes Everything