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Dueling Banjos

On it’s own, the jangling banjo tune featured in the 1972 film Deliverance doesn’t have a hint of foreboding to it. But when it’s layered over the antics of it’s four main characters, it builds an increasing sense of dread. The movie centers around four friends, Lewis, Bobby, Drew and Ed embarking on a canoe trip down the Cahulawasse River, which is about to be dammed and turned into a massive lake. When the group arrives in the area at the beginning of the film, they stop to gas up and hire a few locals to drive their cars down to the end of the river, where they will meet them in a day. As the camera cuts from the musical exchange between a steely eyed local and Drew to the increasingly obnoxious antics of Lewis and Bobby, the audience, along with Ed, becomes increasingly unsettled. The whole scene provides foreshadowing for the conflict the group will face with a pair of locals later in the film, and the tune itself will bring a feeling …

Queen of Cups

Sea salt in her hair A breeze on her lips Her hands clasp a cup From which only she can drink Her throne a thousand pebbles Smoothed by sands of time Her crown woven by grasses From dunes rising tall behind The sky a cloudless blue Sunshine warms her face The sound of lapping waves Holds her in an embrace Eyes closed, head back Floating in an abyss In her mindโ€™s eternal depths Nothing is amiss