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Clean your fangs nightly (the better to see you my dear) Scrub them so they shine brightly (the better to hear you my dear) Never let them look unsightly (the better to fear you my dear) ****** Just served this poem up at Dverse’s open link night, please visit and check out some of the other great poetry!

Australia Burning

When I watch horror movies, I tend the favor supernatural films versus the ultra realistic. Given a choice, I’d rather watch a movie about a haunted house than a home invasion. There is something about the possibility of the plot unfolding in real life that makes them harder to watch. The forest fires in Australia are an example of a real life horror story, and the photo above is the best image I’ve seen that depicts the full scale of the disaster.  The largest blaze, The Gospers Mountain fire, was ignited by a lightning strike in October and burned for three months before being contained. Many other fires are still burning. Over 16 million acres have scorched, much more then the roughly 2 million acres that burned in California in 2018, and the Amazon last year. The smoke plume from the fires has discolored the sky over South America, and traveled all way around the globe back to Australia. This article by the New York Times gives the full picture of the devastation. If you …

Quadrille 2

I love steeping in a winter bath being enveloped by the water the quiet splashes fragrant bubbles caressing my cheek warmth removing tension muscles slowly unknotting oils soothing my skin But eventually water cools the embrace loosens And I must emerge into the cold

I Rise Up

The long running science fiction show Dr. Who is well known for the wild adventures of it protagonist, an alien space and time traveler known as The Doctor, who battles bullies and injustice across the universe. Some of the show’s most poignant episodes however, are set right on earth. An episode from the shows more recent season finds the Doctor and her companions trying to thrwart the efforts of a time traveling parole who blames all of his hard times on the Civil Rights movement. He is determained to change the course of history by ensuring Rosa Parks never refuses to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus in 1955. At the end of the episode, they realize that the only way to ensure history plays out as it should is to remain on the fateful bus ride, ensuring that the bus is full enough that the driver will ask Rosa to give up her seat. This forces them to watch silently as Rosa refuses and is then arrested. The scene is set to …