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May Mood Board and Writing Prompts

When I was college, May was that magical month in Massachusetts where sunny days start to outnumber rainy ones, and the weather is consistently warm enough to spread out blankets and lounge outside. Some overly ambitious students would drag entire couches outside to study on. When rainy days did come, they were warm and gentle, unlike the cold and raw rainy days in March and April. Living in North Carolina now, May is the month when flowers start to bloom in full. It also becomes necessary to keep an eye out for snakes, also emerging with the warmer weather. May Writing Prompts: Moon gardenIvyA rustle of feathersWarm rainSerpentsTell me the wayA longing gazeWild womenDancing at sunrise

The Sun Ra Awkrestra

One of the first promts put forward for NaPoWriMo last month was to write a poem inspired by this collaboration between The Sun Ra Awkrestra and animatior Chad Van Gaalen. I wrote this poem after watching, let me know how it inspires you!