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6 Ways to Celebrate Krampusnacht

When I first heard Krampus referenced in the 2015 film of the same name, I had a feeling the legend referred to in the film was not dreamed up by a Hollywood screenwriter. It just seemed to old world to be the product of a modern imagination. It turns out, Krampus, and the holiday dedicated to him, Krampusnatch, are part of holiday celebrations that orginate in alpine regions of Austria and Germany. Krampus is the hairy, horned companion of Saint Nicholas. Krampus is tasked with punishing misbehaving children with coal and bundles of sticks, while St. Nick rewards the well behaved ones with presents. Originally part of pagan traditions, Krampus was folded into Christian holidays and Krampusnatch is celebrated the night of December 5th, before the feast of Saint Nicholas. The characteristics of Krampus varies, but he is usually described as being hairy, with the cloven hooves and horns of a goat. He typically wears chains and bells, with a long, pointed tongue lolling out and bared fangs. For a period of time Krampusnatch celebrations …

The Forest Route

It would seem at first, that making this dangerous journey during the longer days of summer, would have been the better choice. The lack of foliage in winter however, made it harder for them to hide. Unfortunately, it also could make it easier for them to hunt us at night.

Strange Happenings in December

December is typically a month that horror fans and Halloween enthusiasts bemoan as the glitter encrusted, eggnog soaked, saccharine month of Christmas. I myself don’t mind the holiday itself, but the commercials, crowds, parties, and over wrought feel goodness that leads up to it can really wear me out. Well fear not grinches, because there are plenty of things in December for us to look forward to. There’s Krampusnatch and the winter solstice to celebrate ( I’ll show you how as the month goes on), one more Friday the 13th, the brightest meteor shower of the year, and darker entertainment to enjoy. I’ve even got a list of Christmas horror movies at the bottom of this post. So muster up some enthusiasm worthy of Gomez Addams, and enjoy December your way. December 5th Not much is known about the origins of the European holiday Krampusnatch, but we do know that it is celebrated the night of December 5th, before the feast of Saint Nicholas. The holiday pays homage to Krampus, the hairy, horned companion of …

Lone Leaf – prikcab (Ian Perlman)

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? this cold bright morning has me following a lone leaf with crisped edges  scratching the pavement as it tumbles down the street ? has it lost its way  as autumn is chased away by winter’s winds I hope it finds a settling place and warmth in togetherness ? 11.30.19 (irp) #loneleaf #lookinginyourwindow Read more of prikcab (Ian Perlman) at ?