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Signs of Summer

Summer’s may not officially start until tomorrow, but signs of it are already popping up along my neighborhood trail.

Three Quiet Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

December has turned out to be a bit more busy and stressful then I anticipated. Since tonight is the winter solstice, I’ve found a few quiet, relaxing ways to celebrate tonight. Make your own dried oranges for ornaments or a solstice wreath I shared instructions for drying orange slices last week, and you can use them to decorate in several ways. Thread them with a little string and hang them on your Christmas tree as ornaments, and the lights will make the glow gorgeous sunset hues. Another way to use them is by decorating a solstice wreath. I ultimately bought a fake wreath to attach mine too (I’ll redecorate it every year!) but you could follow the instructions here for making one with a wire hanger. Releasing ceremony The more formal version of this ritual is to write down on a small piece paper, in red ink, either something you want to leave behind in the new year, or something you want to gain in the new year. Then you burn the paper with a …

Solstice Ritual

Stain your wish in crimson ink Light a candle bathed in red Watch it burn, don’t blink When the sun fades and stars wink The moon shines overhead Stain your wish in crimson ink The night is long and shadows slink Let the flame banish doubt and dread Watch it burn, don’t blink Pour yourself a fiery drink Pen the desire in your head Stain your wish in crimson ink Light your paper and watch it shrink Declare what you have left unsaid Watch it burn, don’t blink Wait for dawn to turn the sky pink The sun emerging from a cloudy bed Stain your wish in crimson ink Watch it burn, don’t blink