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My Candles are Electric

my candles are electricthey light on my commandmy candles are electricthey’ll never burn your handmy candles are electricthe static symmetry a little blandbut, my candles are electricand they light on my command

NaPoWriMo Day 29

write down what you want to knowmap out where you want to gocandles are your only light lock the door and stay out of sightburn sage to before you invite in the nightthen face your mirror in a wooden chair heady incense swirls in the airask for protection with a prayer then stare into your mirror’s glowask it what you want to know

NaPoWriMo Day 17: When the Moon is New

when the moon is newand the night is darkdance in the midnight dew under a sky of darkest blueslip into an abandoned parkwhen the moon is new quietly slip off your shoestrace with salt a delicate arcdance in the midnight dew the wind whispers what you always knewdogs will start to howl and barkwhen the moon is new move among the nighttime hueslet the stars leave their markdance in the midnight dew walk a path chosen by fewa new journey to embarkwhen the moon is newdance in the midnight dew