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Quadrille 2

I love steeping in a winter bath being enveloped by the water the quiet splashes fragrant bubbles caressing my cheek warmth removing tension muscles slowly unknotting oils soothing my skin But eventually water cools the embrace loosens And I must emerge into the cold

Quadrille 6

Things That Will Predict Your Future A World upside down reveals woe The Ace of Cups spills your loss long ago The scales of Justice could put things right since Death appeared in the night A pair of swords weighed you down With 5 stacked Cups peace can be found   *************** Today’s post fulfills two prompts, NaPoWriMo’s challenge of writing a poem in Sei Shonagon’s of listing items in her poetry, and Dverse’s challenge of creating a Quadrille with the word Ace in it.

Quadrille 5

my favorite one black motorcycle jacket lined with flowery fabric definitely love at first sight when I bought it the temperature spiked I waited a month for the heat wave to subside before finally donning a dark Hades exterior with Persephone secretly blossoming underneath *********** Thank you Dverse for today’s prompt, spiked.

Quadrille 4

I used to relish drinking you up you were smooth, free flowing But bit by bit, you grew thicker sugary sticking to me, I couldn’t brush you off Eventually I decided I would rather sip on bitter loneliness than choke on your syrupy sweetness ********** Thank you Dverse for the prompt!

Quadrille 3

My arrival will freeze you with fright I am a daughter of the night Your fortune cannot balance my scales The sight of my sword will make you wail I do not offer praise like the rest Only revenge, with a kiss of death ******** Thank you Dverse for the prompt!

Quadrille 1

lightly drifting down with a slight shimmer silently in the night coating the world outside with pure white temporarily leaving it unspoiled calling one and all to emerge and be changed temporarily unspoiled bathed in white in the light shimmer falling in the night ******* Thank you dverse for this week’s prompt, writing a quadrille and incorporating a form of the word spoil,