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The Thing About Being Essential

I’ve worked for the same company for over ten years. Like anything you do for ten years can, my job has slowly started to feel more like a rut then a routine over the last few years. Watching more and more responsibilities be added to my job description as I move from being an admin to a manager, while remaining an hourly employee, has been frustrating. It has left me and others in my position feeling terribly under appreciated, like we are expendable workers. Couldn’t our company acknowledge that we working in the field are indispensable to their operations? Well, you know what they say. Be careful what you wish for. Who would have thought being deemed essential would look like this. Wearing a mask and rubber gloves at work, arming my car with Lysol wipes so I can clean my shoes before I return home, sterilizing the laundry basket designated for my work clothes. Researching how to avoid cross contamination, because my employer gave me a bag of latex gloves but no process for …

The Swarm

One of the fun part about foraying into nature is you never know what you’re going to stumble upon. While treasure hunting at park last month, my sister and I paused at a familiar sound. Searching through the foliage, we spotted a swarm of bees hovering around a tree trunk. Bees are honestly one of my biggest fears, so I was both fascinated and completely freaked out. So much so that I never hit record on my phone when I tried to take a video of them. Luckily my sister had it together, and shot the video below. You can really hear them buzzing! View this post on Instagram *Sound On* Ever heard a swarm of bees buzzing in there natural habitat? I hadn’t! Quite a surprise while taking a morning hike a few weeks ago, and I was so excited/freaked out I never hit record while I was trying to take a video. Luckily my twin did and sent me hers after 🐝 . . . . . #everydaystrangeblog #intj #introvert #darkpoet #horrorwriter #northcarolina …

The Flood

I squint my eyes at the water beneath swirling below me I thought its rise was slow, like molasses like every one does I thought there were laws of nature because no one could have dreamed that the river could continue rising like a sneaky fiend up over the bridge while we all screamed it exposed our flaws with thunderous applause


I love classical covers of pop songs, and Lindsey Sterling‘s version of Katie Perry’s Roar is simple, light, and fun. My favorite part of this video is that she performed the song on the spot after a band member joked that she should start taking requests on a radio show.