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The Music of Dark

Netflix’s science fiction drama Dark is known for its twisting time travel plot, but it’s the other parts of the shows production that add extra layers of depth to its story. From the distinct color pallet carried by its set design, props, and costume departments to the music used, you can see the thought that is put into every aspect of the show.

Instagram Creature Feature

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @rfedortov_official_account. Maintained by a Russian deep sea fisherman, the creatures he photographs remind me of many monsters and aliens that I’ve seen in movies and TV shows. Peppered in-between the creature photos are gorgeous shots of sunrises at sea.

10 Seconds of Summer Zen

A few years ago I experienced a stressful phase in my life. To cope, every time I was in a serene, calming place, I would take a quick video at least ten seconds long, to watch later if I was feeling down. It became a habit, and I’m still taking them. I found a few of my favorite summer videos to celebrate the start of the season. Myrtle Beach, just after sunset. Latta Plantation Nature Preserve, Memorial Day Weekend A thunderstorm in my own backyard