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A Moon Moment

I wrote last week about a NaPoWriMo prompt that tapped into my own obsession with writing about the moon. This poem by Kim M. Russell is one of the many entrancing responses the prompt inspired last month. I savour the moment fleeting and seldom of a full-bellied moon hovering over trees a seasonal pause reflected in the eyes of a startled fox Kim M. Russell,… A Moon Moment

Poetry vs Prose

During NaPoWriMo last month, one of the prompts given challenged poets to write a Sijo. Since I have never attempted one, I found an old two sentence story to rework so I could spend time focusing on the form. Now I’m able to look at the original flash fiction verses the new poem, and ponder which version works better. Original Flash Fiction: The church is quiet as I light the last candle in the row, closing my eyes and murmuring a desperate prayer. A cold whisper of a draft blows against my neck, and when I open my eyes, my candle is the only one lit. New Poem: I choose a candle to light in the quiet church, closing my eyes I murmur a desperate prayer, a cold draft whispers it’s response I open my eyes, my candle is the only one still lit I like the poem that resulted, but I think I prefer the original flash fiction. Either way, trying the same idea in different formats is a fun way to find what …

Issue I features Brandon Clarke

Freeverse Revolution’s first issue features both poetry and art, like the photography of Brandon Clarke seen here. Make sure you download your copy of Issue One! Photography by Brandon Clarke You can see more of Brandon Clarke’s work by following them on Instagram @brandon_clr. You can download a free copy of … Issue I features Brandon Clarke

Liquifascination at Breakfast

The Eunoia Review is a great source of wonderful and varied poetry, like this poem by Karlo Sevilla, which uses beverages to describe what I imagine to be the beginning of a wonderful and relaxing day. I. I stir my hot brown coffee into a tiny whirlpool; my teaspoon chimes the campanellino that is my coffee cup. II. The lemonade inside lidded … Liquifascination at Breakfast