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Horror Haiku 46

silver fin lurking hidden in azure water slicing through the waves ***** I originally wrote this during a vacation on Myrtle Beach with family. I was out on the beach early, just after 8am, with my husband and twin sister. The lifeguard began signaling the few swimmers in the ocean back to the beach abruptly. We all began scanning the water, and spotted it. A gray shark fin popping up between the waves.

Guess what I saw this morning? – poem for dVerse.

Originally posted on Fmme writes poems:
There was a dragon in the valley, curled like a white cat: each scale a pearl; each breath a cloud of soft white silk – ’til the whole valley was a bowl of milk – as the sun brightens with the coming day, such dragons fade. De – the wonderful WhimsyGizmo – is hosting at dVerse tonight, and here be dragons. Our quadrilles are infested with the pesky things…