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Strange Happenings in May

May brings us the halfway point to summer, the halfway point to Halloween, and a whole list of strange and spooky things to look forward to. May 1st May Day. Originally celebrated in ancient Greece and later Medieval Europe to welcome the halfway point between spring and summer, the first of May later evolved into International Workers Day. May 2nd Halfway point to Halloween 🎃 May 3rd Paranormal Day. A holiday dedicated to sharing paranormal experiences with others. This day is not just limited to ghost stories either, UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, premonitions and deja vu all count! Book of Night by Holly Black on shelves. “#1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black makes her stunning adult debut with Book of Night, a modern dark fantasy of betrayals and a dissolute thief of shadows, in the vein of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern.” May 5th Peak of the Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower. May 6th The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith streaming on Amazon Prime Video. “The new docuseries focuses on the death of Beverly …

The Myths of Boone Cave Park

Established in 1909, Boone Cave Park is the smallest State Park in North Carolina. However, it is dedicated to one of the state’s biggest legends. Allegedly, it is where the Boone family first settled in North Carolina, when Daniel Boone was a teenager. There is no real paper trail to confirm that, only the unverified location of a cabin, tales past down by local family, and deeds that show the family owned land in the nearby area. The cave onsite is subject to several legends. Some that say the Boone family lived in the cave during their first winter. After seeing the size of the cave up myself, I find it hard to believe that Squire and Sarah Morgan crammed in their with 10 children and the other friends and family that left Pennsylvania together. In total it was a group of 25. Other legends say that Daniel Boone and his family hid in the cave from Native American raiding parties while living in the area after relocating from Pennsylvania. This is also unlikely. Daniel …

Hey Neighbors!

These vultures spend the winter hanging out in our neighborhood every year, and usually depart by the end of March.⁠ It’s not uncommon for me to leave my house to find anywhere from two to thirty of these large birds sitting on the rooftops of my and my neighbors’ homes.