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NaPoWriMo Day 12: 12:06 pm

a lawnmower dronescarpenter bees bounceagainst the screenthe beagle is snoringagainall buzzing formy attention

I Found Your Poems

I found your poems todayscrawled on jagged pagesI threw them all away forgotten in an empty journalcreased and yellowedI found your poems today full of warped words, I’m yourangle, making you troubles meaning lessscrawled on jagged pages I could have burned them ceremonially, orshredded them to bits. I decided theyshould just rot, so I threw them all away

Sharp Edges

I once hada round silhouetteno cornersor rough spotsmen have ground me down, intorazor sharp edges ******* Written for a Dverse prompt from early in the week. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in until I spent time taking virtual bias training provided by my employer. The moderator mentioned that our company plans to be better about protecting employees from badly behaved clients, and a wave of memories of my own bad experiences washed over me.