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The Trees

the trees were planted all in rows as I drove they spun and danced wildly, in the headlights’ glow the trees were planted all in rows swaying to and fro leaving me entranced the trees were planted all in rows as I drove they spun and danced


I never forgot to blow the air with force out of my nose whenever my head was abruptly submerged underwater exhaling to keep my lungs from filling up with the cold ocean that stings my eyes and the little cuts from my razor blade wading past our knees to see if the waves could knock us over or that time we jumped off Jaws bridge on the Vinyard Except now I am the only one creating the waves that knock me over filling my lungs up my head deep underwater ***** Just posted this on Dverse’s open link night, check out some of the other great poetry over there tonight!

Yellow Brick Road

The clouds churn in the distance thick like the smoke rising from a forest fire or an atomic bomb Patiently circling whispering insinuating Waiting to lift me up and devour me whole But the sun is beaming lighting my way like the yellow brick road I know I can get where I’m going and click my heels to get back home

A Feline’s Tuesday Afternoon

a black cat deftly eating flies gnats hornets in jumps keeping luring mice near opening pouncing quick running spilling tucked under vanquished with x’s yummy zzzz’s ************* Day 19 of NaPoWriMo last April challenged poets to write an abecedarian poem, in which there are 26 words in alphabetical order. I might’ve copped out a little at the end, but I had fun writing it!

Quadrille 2

I love steeping in a winter bath being enveloped by the water the quiet splashes fragrant bubbles caressing my cheek warmth removing tension muscles slowly unknotting oils soothing my skin But eventually water cools the embrace loosens And I must emerge into the cold

Playing Your Bones: Three Versions of One Poem

I often scroll through Pinterest for inspiration while working on my poetry. During one search for new ideas, the above image caught my attention immediately, and the phrase “play your bones like a xylophone” popped into my head. Determined to use it in a poem, I tried it out in a quick senryu: Senryu 55 tonight I will dream about playing your bones like a xylophone I liked it, but it felt a little incomplete. I decided to try it in an elfchen next. Bone Xylophone I’m dreaming about playing your bones like a xylophone tonight feverishly I liked this version better, but since I was having fun experimenting, I wrote a third poem in the form of a triolet. Playing your bones tonight I’m dreaming about playing your bones like a xylophone your vertebrae jingling tonight I’m dreaming diabolically scheming carving your tombstone tonight I’m dreaming about playing your bones like a xylophone So far this version is my favorite, but I’m curious to see how many more I can come up with using …


Flowers on the alter Satin for your skin Water sprinkled from above Flowers in your hair Satin for your skin Wafer from above Flowers in your hands Satin for your skin Vows before above Flowers on your bedside Satin for your skin Prayers to above Flowers for your palms Satin for your skin Dirt sprinkled from above