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The Mooresville Wing Wall

These 22 by 7 foot wings are part of a project by artist Maria Velas Campangna to beatify the entry of the downtown area of Mooresville, NC. Inspired by lines from an Erin Hanson poem, “‘What if I fall?’ ‘Oh but my darling what if you fly?’” the wings on the side of this brick building were just a start. She has since added even more sets of wings to this wall and other buildings in Mooresville. Campangna started the hashtag #wingwallmooresville so visitors could share their photos with the wings.

NoDa Street Art

Recently I went on a restaurant tour in the NoDa neighborhood here in Charlotte. The food was fantastic, but an added bonus was all of the street art we passed by strolling from restaurant to restaurant, and at the cafe that was our final stop in the tour.

The Virginia Slice

Over the holiday weekend my husband and I went on a food tour in the NoDa neighborhood here in Charlotte. One of the things it introduced us to is the “Virginia Slice” at Benny Pannello. A whole pizza 28 inches in diameter, and one slice is easily the largest slice of pizza I’ve ever eaten (taking up two paper plates!) The box’s were

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (In Spring)

I have a few places around Charlotte that I like to visit when I have a day off. One of my favorite’s is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. A large botanical garden just south of Charlotte, its been updated recently into two parts. The first part is very manicured section that features a changing seasonal assortment of plants and blooms along its pathways and fountains. On the edge of this section is orchard house. A miniature tropical paradise year round, unique orchard flowers dot the greenery in miniature pops of color. It takes a lot of work to maintain, and since I was visiting on a weekday, I caught a glimpse of all the work it takes to constantly weed and update the flowers around all of the water features.  The second part is a walk way that loops around a large meadow and a quiet wooded area. A nice contrast to the carefully tended seasonal gardens, the eventual plan is to plant wildflowers in the meadow. I’m sure the final product will match the gorgeous …

Circling Overhead

Initially I thought these were bats circling in the distance, but they are a kettle of black vultures. There has been a lot of complaints regarding the increased vulture population in my neighborhood, but I don’t mind them. I find them to be incredibly fascinating, and unappreciated.


Installed in front of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in 2009, The Firebird was designed by Niki de Saint Phalle and is covered in over 7,500 pieces of mirrored and colored glass. The lights in Uptown Charlotte really make it shimmer at night.

Bat Exhibits

Every time I visit a zoo, I make a point to visit the bat exhibit. Bats have captivated me since childhood. My sisters and I would watch for them to fly over our backyard, and throw little stones up in the air, attempting to fool them into thinking they were insects to get them to swoop down. When you watch bats up close, and pay attention to their mannerisms, you can see the inspiration they provide for the monsters created by writers and filmmakers. From dragons to gargoyles and aliens, they are the inspiration for all sorts of otherworldly creatures. Check out a video of a vampire bat I took at the North Carolina Zoo for the full effect!

Land of Oz

When I first saw pictures of Land of Oz, a theme park hidden on the side of Beech Mountain in North Carolina, it seemed like the perfect place to kick off my month long celebration of Halloween. Misty, dreary pictures of an abandoned yellow brick road made it seem like an eerie, haunted place to visit. Originally opened in 1970, the park operated for ten years before closing in 1980. More recently, the park has started opening a few times a year, offering tours on Fridays in June, and the first weekend in October. When I arrived at the park, the atmosphere was quite different. It was a bright sunny day, and the park was full of families and Wicked fans ready to tour the park. Although many of the park’s original features are gone, visitors can still walk the yellow brick road, visit Dorathy’s house, meet characters from the movie, and enjoy amazing views of fall foliage from Beech Mountain. It may not have been the creepy, haunted experience I was looking for, but …