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Creature Feature Starring Autumn Arachnids

Before I moved to North Carolina four years ago one of my co-workers gave me a warning: “It’s nice down there” she said, “but all the bugs are bigger.” I should have known that warning would apply to the spiders as well. Since I arrived here in Charlotte, I’ve noticed the brightly colored arachnids known as fall spiders emerge each September, spinning large webs spanning up to three feet in height and usually a foot across. I’ve always wondered why these creatures seem to appear at the beginning of fall, only to disappear again by November. A quick search of the internet reveals a slightly unsettling explanation. It turns out that these spiders are around all year, and are just more active during their mating season, which starts in September. This is actually true for many species, including house spiders. In fact, if you think you notice more spiders in your home during the fall, you can rest assured knowing that they are actually there all year round, and are emerging from the corners and …

Gamrath Glass

Thunderstorms looming over the Gamrath Glass exhibit at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Most people would be scared off visiting by the torrential downpour that slammed the area 20 minutes prior, but I knew it would be the perfect ugh time to visit. The colors on the rain soaked flowers were more vivid, rain clouds provided the perfect backdrop for them, and the garden was quiet and empty. The exhibit is still ongoing until the end of September, I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the area!