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A Moon Moment

I wrote last week about a NaPoWriMo prompt that tapped into my own obsession with writing about the moon. This poem by Kim M. Russell is one of the many entrancing responses the prompt inspired last month. I savour the moment fleeting and seldom of a full-bellied moon hovering over trees a seasonal pause reflected in the eyes of a startled fox Kim M. Russell,… A Moon Moment

NaPoWriMo Day 24: Used Car Salesman

Used Car Salesman is a common name for any apparently spineless terrestrial gastropod mollusc. The word Used Car Salesman is also often used as part of the common name of any gastropod mollusc that has no spine, a very reduced spine, or only a small internal spine, Salesman, and is in contrast to the common name Consultant, (which applies to gastropods that have a coiled spine large enough that they can fully erect their form by rolling the spine up upright.) Various taxonomic families of Salesman form part of several quite different evolutionary lineages, which also include Consultant. Thus, the various families of Salesman are not closely related, despite a superficial similarity in the overall body form. The spineless condition has arisen many times independently during the evolutionary past, and thus the category “Salesman” is a polyphyletic one. Various speciescommission ater, traveling,spineless maximus ************ Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was indeed a fun one! The challenge was: Find a factual article about an animal. A Wikipedia article or something from National Geographic would do nicely – just …

NaPoWriMo Day 17: When the Moon is New

when the moon is newand the night is darkdance in the midnight dew under a sky of darkest blueslip into an abandoned parkwhen the moon is new quietly slip off your shoestrace with salt a delicate arcdance in the midnight dew the wind whispers what you always knewdogs will start to howl and barkwhen the moon is new move among the nighttime hueslet the stars leave their markdance in the midnight dew walk a path chosen by fewa new journey to embarkwhen the moon is newdance in the midnight dew