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April Mood Board and Writing Prompts

Every April, poets from all over the world participate in National Poetry Writing Month, during which they attempt to write a poem a day. Known as NaPoWriMo, the challenge started on a writer’s blog which over the years has blossomed into an unofficial homepage for the event. Creator Maureen Thorson provides daily prompts and ideas for participating poets. I half participated in a pandemic fog last year, but this April I’m fully committing to the challenge, pausing my normal blog schedule so I can post a poem a day. April Writing Prompts ink smudgesa worn dictionarytyping furiouslyPhotographs tucked between pagesone more coupletyour favorite musetea stained pagescalligraphy and ribbonsstacks of notebooks

Meta Poem 1

I want my words to be curls of smoke that linger a cold brush of icy fingers   I want my words to be bones clinking in the night claws scratching for a fight   I want my words to be a raven’s cry in the air a creak from an old stair   I want my words to be the depths of oceans deep the shadows in your sleep   I want my words to be the blood that boils the floods that roil   the heat of flames unspoken shames   shards of ice heavy price   a mark the dark

A Night on Bald Mountain

The sun is setting and night is near A devil is coming under cloak of night Cling to anything you hold dear Through your shutters vampires will leer looking for pale necks to bite The sun is setting and night is near Listen closely, can you hear incantations the witches recite? Cling to anything you hold dear On the mountaintop a strange shape will appear His horns and claws a fearsome sight The sun is setting and night is near When you smell the stench of forty thousand years A rank perfume curdled with the scent of fright Cling to anything you hold dear Listen closely, can you hear? Chernobog arrives under cloak of night The sun has set and night is here Cling to anything you hold dear ******* Day 15 of NaPoWriMo challenged us to write a poem based on our favorite type of music. I instantly thought of A Night on Bald Mountain. Fantasia was my favorite movies of growing up, especially the dramatic ending pairing A Night on Bald Mountain with …

A Feline’s Tuesday Afternoon

a black cat deftly eating flies gnats hornets in jumps keeping luring mice near opening pouncing quick running spilling tucked under vanquished with x’s yummy zzzz’s ************* Day 19 of NaPoWriMo last April challenged poets to write an abecedarian poem, in which there are 26 words in alphabetical order. I might’ve copped out a little at the end, but I had fun writing it!