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Strange Happenings in September

Fall officially starts at 9:30 am Eastern Standard Time on the 22nd, and I’m already prepped with pumpkin spiced coffee and Cheerios.

Hosting a Black Christmas in July

A few weeks ago, my sister was reflecting on our cancelled travel plans for the year, and decided we needed something new to look forward to. Originally, we had planned on attending a huge horror convention in California the first week of August, but decided in March that it was not a good idea to buy plane tickets for numerous reasons, including COVID-19. Ultimately, the convention was canceled. Her idea for a local alternative? Since the 25th lands on a Saturday this month, celebrating a Black Christmas in July. We are turning the AC up, wearing sweaters, and watching Christmas themed horror movies all day. My husband was sold on the idea for several reasons; he is a movie buff, I’m making a sausage potato casserole, and I’m thawing out frozen Christmas cookies from last December. We also have a leftover bottle of Christmas wine to top things off. Here’s a list of movies I came up with for anyone interested in planning their own movie marathon. I know not everyone is a fan of …