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Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! Not only is today the first Friday the 13th of 2019, but a full moon will appear late at night as well. I took this photo of my husband’s shadow on a local hike around Lake Norman earlier this summer. It was a quick snapshot, and I didn’t realize until later that night that I had captured some serious Jason Vorhees vibes.  

Strange Happenings in September

Each month I look for TV shows, movies, and events to look forward to.  September 2 Labor Day September 3rd Søren Sveistrup’s new book Chestnut Man on shelves. Known for writing the global hit television show The Killing, this Sveistrup’s debut novel. September 6 IT Chapter 2 in theaters. 27 years later, Pennywise rises again to taunt and terrifying the grownup Losers Club. September 10th Stephen King’s The Institute on shelves. King has written over 60 best sellers, and his latest offering is set in a mysterious institute in Minneapolis conducting terrifying experiments on children with paranormal gifts. September 13 Freaks released in theaters. According to, Freaks follows Chloe, who “discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father’s protective and paranoid control.” Apparently the less you know going in the better. September 14 Full Moon September 18 Fathom Events Three from Hell and Devils Rejects double feature in theaters. The latest chapter in Rob Zombies ultra-violent saga, 3 From Hell will reunite Baby Firefly, Captain …

Let It Be

Set in the tumultuous 1960s, Across the Universe is a surreal look at love, loss, and self discovery centered around the music of the Beatles. Although many of the musical sequences are dizzying dreamlike fantasies, the film is grounded with sobering moments of reality, including one standout scene set to Let It Be. Director Julie Taylor deftly cuts between scenes from the 1967 Detroit riot and a family receiving news of a soldiers death to illustrate the simultaneous devastating effects of the Vietnam War and civil unrest. The song itself is a tribute to the simple vocals of the original recording and the soaring gospel version recorded by Aretha Franklin. The first clip is an inspiring behind the scenes look at the filming process and Carol Woods’s original audition, the second is the actual sequence in the movie

Strange Happenings in August

Each month I look for TV shows, movies, and events to look forward to.  August 1 No One Saw a Thing premieres on SundanceTV. The 6 part series examines an unsolved and unusual death in the 1980s. A resident was shot dead in front of almost 60 townspeople in Skidmore, Mo. All of them continue to claim they didn’t see a thing. August 2nd Them That Follow in theaters. The film centers around a forbidden love in a Pentecostal church in the Appalachia that uses the reptiles to worship. August 5th Harry Houdini stays underwater for 1.5 hours in a casket before escaping in 1926. August 8 Two Sentence Horror Stories, a new horror anthology series, premieres on the CW. The series will be comprised of eight half hour episodes focusing on universal social and primal fears. August 9th Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in theaters. In her family mansion, young Sarah Bellows turns her tortured life and horrible secrets into a series of scary stories. These terrifying tales soon have a way of …

Four Reasons to Go to the Movie Theater this Summer

The amount of people heading to the movie theater has dwindled noticeable since the early 2000s, and the reasons why can be boiled down to four major ones. Prices for tickets have gone up, the amount of good movies being made has gone down, the emergence of streaming services, and increasing quality of television shows. But there are still really good reasons to make the trip to the movies this summer, here are the four that keep me buying tickets. Ticket sales determine what movies get made next.  It can be argued that movie theaters are flooded with remakes and sequels, but among those, original, inventive movies are still being released. A few examples from 2019 are Us, Midsomer, and The Farewell. But if you want to see more original films, you have to see them in the theater and essentially vote with your money on what type of movie you want to see made next. Although in defense of sequels and remakes, it’s also been argued that there are only 7 basic plot lines that all stories are based on. …