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Strange Happenings in November

If Halloween is any indication, the holidays are going to be a lot quieter this year. I myself canceled my annual family party and left my candy bowl out on the porch so trick or treaters could help themselves. For a Saturday, there were far fewer trick or treaters than usual (probably a good thing!) Thanksgiving will undoubtedly be unusually subdued as well. So I’m trying to replace the things that aren’t possible with new things. An avant-garde home improvement project, a Pinterest art project, finally scrapbooking family photos, and participating in Nanowrimo for the first time are few things I plan on keeping busy during the holidays. I’m still looking for ideas, so I’d love to hear how you’re coping! November 1st All Saints Day November 5th Paranormal streaming on Netflix. “Based on the novels of Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik and set in the 1960s, Netflix’s first original series from Egypt revolves around a hematologist who finds himself haunted by a ghost who may be tied to his past.” November 10th Mercury at …

Mickey’s House of Horrors

Only in a Disney movie would the biggest fright in a horror movie be providing music for a skeleton dance party, and that’s exactly the position Mickey Mouse finds himself in Disney’s first horror themed cartoon. The cartoon had some difficulty getting passed censors, but was released in early December of 1929. My favorite part is the skeleton who plays himself like a xylophone and winces every time he hits his own head.

Casting a Spell with Screaming Jay Hawkins

When Screaming Jay Hawkins originally wrote I Put a Spell on You, he originally envisioned it as a ballad. After recording it as such, the original version wasn’t released, and Hawkins wound up in a studio a year later to re-record the song for Columbia records. This time, his producer showed up with fried chicken and beer, and at the end of the night, the wild, unhinged version we know today had been recorded. Despite being banned from the radio, the new recording sold over a million copies. The success of the song prompted him to take on a more wild persona, rising out of a coffin with a cape on, surrounded by smoke, for his performances. Snakes on stage and tusks in his nose were added later, completing what is considered one of the first shock rock performances.