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I never forgot to blow the air with force out of my nose whenever my head was abruptly submerged underwater exhaling to keep my lungs from filling up with the cold ocean that stings my eyes and the little cuts from my razor blade wading past our knees to see if the waves could knock us over or that time we jumped off Jaws bridge on the Vinyard Except now I am the only one creating the waves that knock me over filling my lungs up my head deep underwater ***** Just posted this on Dverse’s open link night, check out some of the other great poetry over there tonight!

Yellow Brick Road

The clouds churn in the distance thick like the smoke rising from a forest fire or an atomic bomb Patiently circling whispering insinuating Waiting to lift me up and devour me whole But the sun is beaming lighting my way like the yellow brick road I know I can get where I’m going and click my heels to get back home