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World’s End

World’s End is a gorgeous 251 acre park located on peninsula in Hingham, MA. Surrounded by Hingham Harbor on one side, and the Weir River on the other,  it was originally set aside as a residential area in the 1890’s, but no homes were ever built. However, carriage roads were built with trees planted alongside them, leaving four miles of trails perfect for hiking, bird watching, and enjoying relaxing views of the harbor and Boston skyline. 

Lizzie Borden House

Before I moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina, I created a bucket list of places to see and things to do before I left. Among the beaches, historical sights, and all the restaurants I wanted to eat at one more time was the Lizzie Borden House. An infamous home in Fall River, it is known for both being the site of a vicious double murder and for the accused murderer living there when the crime was committed. On August 4th, 1892 Andrew Borden and his wife Abby were killed in there own home, and suspicion quickly fell on Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie. The only other person in the home at the time, with a shifting alibi, she was charged with murder, and brought to trial. However, inconclusive proof and shaky eyewitnesses did not convince a jury, and she was acquitted; although a cloud of suspicion would follow her for the rest of her life. Today the house is a bed and breakfast that allows ghost hunters and amateur sleuths to stay in the same rooms where the events occurred to chase ghosts and elusive clues. They also conduct daily tours of …