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June Mood Board and Writing Prompts

While working on my submissions for issue II of Freeverse Revolution’s quarterly poetry magazine, I wound up doing a deep dive into the world of Greek mythology. I spent some time reading about sirens, and since they didn’t wind up being the focus of my submissions, I thought they would be great material for writing prompts instead. I’ve always found sirens more interesting then mermaids, more edgy and dangerous. They aren’t just objectified in the mythology they inhibit, they are feared. June Writing Prompts Just over the horizonPeriwinkle wavesThe siren’s callCuriositySilhouette of the shoreFormidable shapesDashed upon the rocksSlipping under the waterEnduring mythology

My Strangest Source of Writing Inspiration (so far)

When I posted my poem Rites, the reception for it was amazing. “A lovely evocation of the cycle of life, through the rituals that lead us.” wrote one commenter. It’s a solemn piece of writing, and so far, the only poem I have written that touches upon religious themes. Which makes the inspiration for it seem so silly, since I got the idea initial idea from a jar of body scrub. The scent is graveyard, and site I bought it from,, describes it as smelling like, “a freshly dug grave, coffin satin, and carefully arranged funeral flowers on a warm spring afternoon.” It seemed so weird and morbid, I just had to try it. When the scrub arrived in the mail, I noticed the three words, Flowers, Dirt, Coffin Satin, on the label. I decided to play around with them in a repeating poetry form, and settled on a villanelle. It immediately took on a more serious tone as I incorporated the repetitive form and though more about all the times we encounter flowers …