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The Flood

I squint my eyes at the water beneath swirling below me I thought its rise was slow, like molasses like every one does I thought there were laws of nature because no one could have dreamed that the river could continue rising like a sneaky fiend up over the bridge while we all screamed it exposed our flaws with thunderous applause

Thank you, I made it myself

I wore it today the necklace I made with the dainty chain It shimmers in the sun Like the silver pendent with a coating of resin holding a bleached sliver in place in the center The girls all assumed it was mother of pearl or smuggled ivory A splinter of coral perhaps Who would guess it was really just a small sliver of you

The Vultures Stared

The vultures stare, what does it mean? Does something wicked this way come? Nothing is as it seems they gather silently in the trees no one knows where from they peck at my heart upon my sleeve The vultures stare, what does it mean? gray in judgment: cold in blood Nothing is as it seems Love is blind, and lovers cannot see Rough winds do shake the darling buds The vultures stare, what does it mean? happiness takes his leave. rain pounds earth into mud Nothing is as it seems To be, or not to be? the tides surge and valleys flood The vultures stared, what did it mean? Nothing is as it seemed

Evening Rainstorm

I love rainy days, perfect for sipping tea and writing. Which is fortunate, because there are usually a lot of them in March! This photo was taken from the terrace of the first apartment my husband and I rented in Charlotte. It overlooked wetlands and was great for watching storms.