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Dear God, It Has Teeth

I’ve been enjoying working from home for the last six months, and it’s been a fantastic change for me. The one thing I do miss about working in an office is all of the strange encounters I had with clients at my last job. Many of them served as inspiration for my flash fiction and poetry, like the one below, which I originally posted a few years ago. ********* Every story and poem I write is in some way inspired by a real life experience, none more so then a short story I wrote earlier this month. I work for a company that sublets office space, and part of my job is to drop off mail to each tenant in those suites. We have one new tenant that received a huge shipment of medical supplies when they moved in, boxes of all shapes and sizes. Including one, heavy man sized box. A few weeks after that shipment I stopped by the suite to drop of a small amount of mail. No one was around, and …

Strange Happenings in June

June is here, bringing whole list of spooky books, movies, and poetry to look forward to, along with the summer solstice! What are you looking forward to? June 1st The Shape of Darkness on shelves “A struggling silhouette artist in Victorian Bath seeks out a renowned child spirit medium in order to speak to the dead – and to try and identify their killers – in this beguiling new tale from the queen of Gothic fiction, Laura Purcell” June 8th World Oceans Day. Celebrate virtually with the United Nations, a beach walk if you live near the ocean, or enjoy some ASMR ocean waves. June 15th The Vault by Andrés Cerpa on shelves. “Andrés Cerpa’s sophomore collection grapples with loss, grief, and the disassociation that can come with being a survivor. Everything normal becomes slightly strange, things feel far away and unsteady. In these poems, Cerpa exhibits restraint and care, each thought purposefully positioned on the page. His work is somber, reflective, and deeply moving.” June 19th Juneteenth. Also known as Freedom Day and Liberation …

Waking on the River Styx

flat on my back, my eyes opento darkness, I situp quickly, then freeze, feelingthe boat rock and shift the air is heavywith wails and groans, the closestweighted cries of grief arms reach out of black waterstretch towards the boatfingers scraping against woodgrips too weak to hold the riverbank loomsa fiery orange shorethen an endless gloom