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Chasing Foliage at Reed Creek Gold Mine

I had another post planned, but never finished it due to the tumultuous events this week. So here’s some calming content of my hunt for fall foliage at a local gold mine last year instead. ****** I never appreciated the fall foliage I grew up with in Massachusetts until I moved to North Carolina. In New England, brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red would begin to appear in early September. Here in Charlotte, the leaves mainly turn a burnt orange in mid October. If you go looking for it though, you can still find a burst of color amount the duller hues around the end of November. And what better place to look then the trails around an old gold mine? In addition to foliage, you may spot veins of white quartz that may or may not contain gold, and the oddly placed raccoon skull.

The Meadow, The River, by Claire Wahmanholm

Featured on Day Two of NaPoWriMo, this poem by Claire Wahmanholm has an eerie, off balance feel that reminds me of the dream sequences in a Nightmare on Elm Street. The meadow unfolded before me,             a soft, uncrossable rot. I tore myself in two along my spine and sent half of me             into the night to see if I would make it through. Read the full poem at Poetry Daily – An online poetry anthology and bookstore, featuring a new poem every day.

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts may be well known for it’s history of witch trials, but it also has a rich literary history as well. Salem was the birthplace and home of Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the Scarlett letter.  Hawthorne lived in four houses during his lifetime in Salem, and to me the most interesting one is at 14 Mall Street.  It’s where Hawthorne wrote the Scarlet Letter, while working in a customs house. When I visited in 2012 the house was abandoned and in disrepair, guarded by a large dead tree and surrounded by gravestones. In contrast, the site of the customs house where Hawthorne worked is still lively and bustling, situated right on Salem’s waterfront. It’s easy to see how his occupation may have influenced his writing. Part of The Scarlet Letters plot is based on the length of time sea travel took during the time period, which Hawthorne would have been more than familiar with watching ships sail in and out of Salem Harbor.

A Watery Escape

It was a worst case scenario, setting sail as winter barreled towards the island. The braying of the gulls felt like an ominous warning. Unfortunately, the waves of undead sailors crawling onto the beach from the heavy cruiser half sunk off shore left me no other choice.

How Haunted Houses Prepared Me For Emergancies

Every time I visit a haunted house, one thing inevitable occurs. No matter how big the group I walk through with is, I always wind up taking the lead at some point.  Usually this occurs during the dreaded pitch black room/maze/hallway that most haunted houses feature. Everyone freezes, as I slowly edge forward and feel for the wall. This is undesirable to most, since each dark room has the possibility of a hidden ghoul waiting to pop out. Some of the really sly houses leave it empty, and let the anticipation heighten exponentially as you move further in. Occasionally the floor has been altered and sinks, or fishing wire is hung from the ceiling (to simulate spider webs). The sudden surface changes and sensations are very disorienting. But I love pushing ahead to see what hidden scares are in the dark rooms. Until 10:30 am on Friday, June 8th, this was not a skill that had real life applications. That morning, I was kneeling in front of a filing cabinet in a storage closet searching …

Classic Holiday Kitsch

Vintage blow mold holiday decor spotted in a local antique mall. The name comes from the method of blowing melted plastic into a mold, which then hardens into a hollow, plastic shape. The most popular vintage blow molds to collect are made by Union Products, who pioneered the original lawn flamingo. I would have loved to take home the large gravestone seen here, but the $80 price tag was a little out of my budget!