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Game of Thrones

      Even though my site is on hiatus for another week, and I’ve already sang the praises of Game of Thrones’ musical score last week, I couldn’t resist posting a few musical tributes. The first is 2Cellos performance of a melody of Game of Thrones music, the second a live performance of Light of the Seven, and third is the Bellagio’s Game of Thrones Fountain show in Las Vegas.  

The Rains of Castamere

The atmosphere Ramin Djawadi creates with the music he writes for Game of Thrones is one of the many elements that elevates it head and shoulders above most TV shows. In particular, his arraignment of the Rains of Castamere creates a menacing them for the Lannister family almost equal to the Imperial March in Star Wars. Originally referenced in the books by George R. R. Martin as a way for Tywin Lannister to recreate his destruction of House Reyne for anyone who chose to defy him, the song pops up frequently through the show as a way to remind characters (and the audience) of House Lannister’s brutality. I could write a whole post on the backstory of the lyrics, but its a much better story if you let Jamie Lannister tell you in the first video. As the end of the series draws close, I have to wonder, will tonight’s episode be the last time we hear The Rains of Castamere on Game of Thrones? And if it is, will is be an anthem of …