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Three Line Tale

Amy’s hands began to shake, and her vision started to blur. She immediately pulled out her satellite phone and dialed the one number she hoped she would never have to call. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, hoping headquarters would be able to send someone in time. ********* Original prompt here at only100words. Thank you Sonya for continuing this weekly!

3 Line Tale

Captain Johnson had never been more relieved to have his ship docked safely at harbor. This journey had been the most perilous he and crew had undertaken yet. Not because of the route taken, but for cargo still quietly scratching the walls of the cargo hold below. ************ Thank you 3LineTales for the photo prompt (by Mark Dalton via Upsplash)

Flash Fiction 7

The video footage was grainy, but Taylor recognized them easily. The first camera he put in the tree outside a small window had given him a decent view through the galley kitchen into the living room, but his new camera was much better. The twenty something blonds that lived in the building next to him were primping for a night out, crammed in the small bathroom together. He first noticed them teetering in high heels past his bay window at 2am eight months ago. He had placed the new camera outside the bathroom window last week, taking advantage of a large chip in the paint that frosted the small window that let light into their shower. If his latest scheme paid off, he would have a key to their apartment building by the end of the month. Little did Taylor know, the three blonds weren’t the only ones being watched. ******** Opening line take from First Line Friday Prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Flash Fiction 6

Jeremy paused for a moment to adjust his government issued hologram goggles, staring at a puddle while he tightened the strap. A loud transport buzzed overhead. If only what he saw below reflected what was above. *********** Photo credit: Marc Oliver Jordion via Upsplash Written for Only 100 Words 3 Line Tales Writing Prompt

Flash Fiction 5

Sasha stepped out onto the balcony of her hotel room and inhaled a deep breath of ocean air. She stared out at the dark waves, still illuminated this late at night by the lights from the hotels lining the beach.  She sighed, contemplating how she was going to get her husband to spend another day on the beach instead of playing mini golf and bar hopping. A sudden movement in the waves caught her attention. Focusing on the water, she squinted, trying to catch another glimpse. And then she saw it. Illuminated in the glare of the hotel lights, the unmistakable shape of a large tentacle shooting up from the waves, swinging wildly, and then flopping back down with a splash under the water. She shuddered. Perhaps mini golf wouldn’t be so bad.

Flash Fiction 4

The color of her blood was the least of my worries. It’s inky black hue was currently the CDC’s concern. What I really needed to know, was how it got splattered over every wall and the ceiling of her bedroom without a single cut visible on her body. ******** Thank you Go Dog Go Cafe for yesterday’s prompt, which provided the first line of this story.

Flash Fiction 3

A Fate Worse than Death The plastic sheet covers my nose and gaping mouth as I try to push my face through the slight opening of the large box holding me prisoner. Reincarnation as a CPR dummy was bad enough, but being left in this empty classroom alone for over a month was really adding insult to injury.

Flash Fiction 2

Television coverage for the vigil started at 8pm. Cameras panned over the crowd, holding small candles in wax cups, gathered around an enlarged photo of a missing young woman. Cara watched dispassionately from her hotel room. If only they knew she wasn’t the one who needed the vigil. Not at all.