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Classical Rock Stars

The cello playing duo 2cello’s have become rock stars in the classical music world by covering a wide range of popular music, putting on engaging live shows and filming energetic music videos. Here they are performing with actual rock star Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith.


After listening to the wistful and nostalgic tone of Francis Poulenc’s Mélancolie, it may not surprise you to know that it was composed in 1940, while Poulenc was living in war torn France. This performance is by Neil Rutman for Noontime Concerts, which streams a new concert from its archives every Tuesday at 12:30.

Can Harp Music Rock?

If the Kitt sisters could answer that question, they would tell you yes. Known for their covers of rock songs like Sound of Silence, Fear in the Dark, and One, twins Camille and Kennerly both have degrees in Harp Performance, and arrange their own covers and original songs. They’ve released six albums, and traveled the world performing and as culture ambassadors for the United States.

Chop Suey on a Baroque Baby Grand Piano

I love finding classical covers of rock songs. There’s something about putting the two contrasting music styles together that almost feels taboo or illicit. There are a lot of musicians giving their favorite band’s songs a classical arrangement, but this version of System of a Down’s Chop Suey, played on a white Baroque Baby Grand Piano in a Bosendorger Showroom by Ukrainian pianist Vika, is one of my favorites. Vika writes all of her own arrangements, and posts some on flowkey for other musicians to try. If your not familiar with the song, the original System of a Down video is below hers for contrast.

Lunch Break Playlist

This summer I’ve been locked in a battle of epic proportions with my building’s management company over the air conditioning. Despite the fact that everyone in the office is walking around and sweaters, I can’t get them to raise the temp above 69 degrees. It may not sound very cold, but it feels frigid after sitting at a desk for eight hours! Consequently, I prefer eating my lunch outside on the patio, headphones on, catching up on blogs I follow while I enjoy some fresh air and thaw out. This week I’ve been listing to a witchy playlist inspired by Netflix’s The Chilling Adventure’s of Sabrina, which I’ve been catching up on in the mornings before work. It’s definitely making me pine for fall and Halloween! Check out my playlist, and comment below if you have a witchy song you would add!   Witchy Playlist A Little Wicked, Valerie Broussard I Put a Spell on You, Brigitte Wickens Teeth, Lady Gaga Suspiria, Goblin Cry Little Sister, Marilyn Manson Circles Out of Salt, Snow Ghosts Black Magic Woman, VCTRYS The Way That I Feel, Danielle Parente Empire, Shakira Bad Things, Jace …

Game of Thrones

      Even though my site is on hiatus for another week, and I’ve already sang the praises of Game of Thrones’ musical score last week, I couldn’t resist posting a few musical tributes. The first is 2Cellos performance of a melody of Game of Thrones music, the second a live performance of Light of the Seven, and third is the Bellagio’s Game of Thrones Fountain show in Las Vegas.