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October Mood Board: The Forest Witch

It’s October, so naturally I’m thinking about witches. But not just any kind. I’m thinking about those solitary sorcereress’s, the witches in the woods that protagonists in movies and books typically seek out by venturing into a dark and mysterious forest. Usually these protagonists are looking for either information, a magical item, healing, or protection from a curse. The witch will give them what they need, but there is usually a cost, which the protagonist may or may not realize at first. October Writing Prompts Deep in the woodsOutdoor offeringsPainted runesDusty jarsA creaky cottage Secrets in the treesWild eyesMagic in the moonlight

This Blog is Taking a Summer Vacation

For the last three and a half years I have been posting daily on this blog. It’s been incredibly rewarding, but a bit of a struggle to keep up with lately. I’m also finding that it’s keeping me from working on other projects that I’ve been meaning to start, and getting more serious about submitting my own writing to other publications. So I’m going to the rest of the summer to come up with with a schedule that works better, and some fresh ideas. I’ll be back September first. I’ll still be active on Instagram at @everydaystrangeblog, where I’ll be posting quotes, mood boards, and writing prompts.

June Mood Board and Writing Prompts

While working on my submissions for issue II of Freeverse Revolution’s quarterly poetry magazine, I wound up doing a deep dive into the world of Greek mythology. I spent some time reading about sirens, and since they didn’t wind up being the focus of my submissions, I thought they would be great material for writing prompts instead. I’ve always found sirens more interesting then mermaids, more edgy and dangerous. They aren’t just objectified in the mythology they inhibit, they are feared. June Writing Prompts Just over the horizonPeriwinkle wavesThe siren’s callCuriositySilhouette of the shoreFormidable shapesDashed upon the rocksSlipping under the waterEnduring mythology

Poetry vs Prose

During NaPoWriMo last month, one of the prompts given challenged poets to write a Sijo. Since I have never attempted one, I found an old two sentence story to rework so I could spend time focusing on the form. Now I’m able to look at the original flash fiction verses the new poem, and ponder which version works better. Original Flash Fiction: The church is quiet as I light the last candle in the row, closing my eyes and murmuring a desperate prayer. A cold whisper of a draft blows against my neck, and when I open my eyes, my candle is the only one lit. New Poem: I choose a candle to light in the quiet church, closing my eyes I murmur a desperate prayer, a cold draft whispers it’s response I open my eyes, my candle is the only one still lit I like the poem that resulted, but I think I prefer the original flash fiction. Either way, trying the same idea in different formats is a fun way to find what …

What’s Your Writing Addiction?

One of my favorite prompts from NaPoWriMo this year encouraged participants to write a poem about the moon. Inspired by conversations on Twitter in which poets trying to accept the disproportionate amount of moon poetry they write, the prompt encouraged poets to accept their love of moon poetry as well. “Stop fighting the moon,” the prompt urges. “Lean in. Accept the moon. The moon just wants what’s best for you and your poems.” I can definitely say I have a bit of an addiction to writing about the moon, as evidenced by the list of 30 poems I wrote about the moon below. Do you find a particular subject or theme recurring in your writing? I’d love to know what it is! My Moon Poems: When the Moon is New A Crimson Moon Moon Ritual The Full Moon Will Rise Senryu 61 Moonrise At Night The Beat Grows Loud The Hounds of Diana Senryu 6 Solstice Ritual Haibun 4 Horror Haiku 59 The Color of Ghosts Autumn’s Cold Touch Jewel Tones Off the Coast of …