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February Writing Prompts and Mood Board

I’m not a fan of most romance novels and movies. I just don’t tend to gravitate towards the average contemporary love story. Add in some gothic elements though, a creaky haunted mansion, elaborate Victorian costumes, or a moody protagonist, and I’m interested. February Writing Prompts The night beckonsBlack silk skirts sweeping the floorEnshroudedDamask curtains pulled shutMurmurs in the darkCrimson rosesTwin flamesA piercing gazeThe brush of a cold handWaltzing in the moonlight

Officially Working Remotely

I’ve gotten a new position at work, and am now working remotely. It’s a big change for me, although I’m pretty late to the work from home party. Any advice from those of you who have been at this for close to a year now. My current coping mechanisms for barely leaving the house are lots of walks and buying flowers for my new home office at the grocery store.

January Writing Prompts and Mood Board

For me, early January usually provides some welcome quiet after the holidays are over. Granted, they were much quieter in 2020, but it’s still nice to put all of the decor away and settle back into a quiet routine. Evening walks, bedtime yoga, and of course, more writing. Writing Prompts Return your tree to the wildLovely, dark, and deepMidnight blueFresh snowBare branchesSilent and stillPale lights in the nightQuarter moonA wild crownThe scent of weather turning