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3 Line Tale 2

Heather rubbed her throbbing temples and sighed. She had been combing through books in the botany, medical, and chemistry sections of the library for weeks, and hadn’t found a satisfactory answer to solve her problem. She wasn’t going to be deterred though, if she was going to kill her cheating husband, google search results were not going to take her down.

Three Line Tale

Amy’s hands began to shake, and her vision started to blur. She immediately pulled out her satellite phone and dialed the one number she hoped she would never have to call. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, hoping headquarters would be able to send someone in time. ********* Original prompt here at only100words. Thank you Sonya for continuing this weekly!

3 Line Tale

Wendy waited until her son bounded out the front door to school before slipping down the hallway towards his room. He had been holed up in there all weekend working on something after a month of sulking and moodiness, the sudden focus had given her some hope that he was moving towards some form of normalcy. When she opened up the door to his room and saw what was painted on the drying canvas, she screamed uncontrollably, unable to stop. ************ Photo credit Ricardo Viana via Unsplash Thank you Sonya at Only100Words for the prompt!


Sarah held up a hand to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight, and reached into her field bag for a pair of sunglasses. She turned to survey the arid landscape, and froze when she glanced upward. Her boss had said they were testing a time machine prototype, but the presence of two suns in the sky suggested something else entirely.

3 Line Tale

Captain Johnson had never been more relieved to have his ship docked safely at harbor. This journey had been the most perilous he and crew had undertaken yet. Not because of the route taken, but for cargo still quietly scratching the walls of the cargo hold below. ************ Thank you 3LineTales for the photo prompt (by Mark Dalton via Upsplash)