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Originally posted on Padre's Ramblings:
? Were they being followed?  Neither could be sure, but there was that uneasiness of feeling, like they were being watched. ? Stan stopped and listened, Julie clenching his hand tightly.  Nothing. ? They took a few more steps, was that an echo of their own footfalls or was it someone or something keeping pace with their movements? ? “I knew we shouldn’t have come this way,” Julie whispered. ? “But do you want to go back past whatever’s there?” he responded. ? The clouds parted for a moment and a shadow of what seemed something human briefly fell upon the building they stood near. ? Chills felt upon spines – Trembling apprehension for Shadows on the wall ? Padre ? Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, July 24th 2019, shadows on the wall

Poetry Contest and Site Update

I’m putting the finishing touches on my site update and new posts, and will have new content up Monday, May 27th. In the meantime, I’ve entered a haiku contest put in by little infinite. Voting is open until May 31st, and the rules allow you to vote once per day. I’d be grateful if you voted for mine here! I need a daunting 250 votes to pull into first place, but it’s one of my favorite poems, so I’m hoping to see it in the top three.

Taking a Luna Moth Hiatus

I’m taking a two week hiatus to work on some fresh writing ideas and give my site a much needed facelift. I’ll still be posting quotes this morning, and a Game of Thrones tribute this Sunday, but otherwise will be taking a bit of a blogging break. I’m calling it a luna moth hiatus because luna moths only live for a week. They emerge from a chrysalis, lay eggs, float around beautifully for a week, and then die. They don’t even have mouths to eat. This lifespan makes them rare to spot, even though they are fairly common. It also makes them a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Since I’m taking two weeks off I leave you with the two luna moths that I’ve been lucky to spot. The bottom one is the luna moth I spotted outside my husband and I’s apartment the day we moved to North Carolina. I spotted the one above outside our new apartment a week after we moved in. In the meantime, I’ve also entered in another little infinite …

Need Your Votes and Reading Recommendations!

I’ve entered a holiday haiku contest and need your votes to win it. It would be much appreciated! As a bonus, if you click on the link below to vote for me, you’ll get to learn my full first name. Vote here I also need help putting together a reading list of material written by fellow bloggers. If you have a published piece of writing or book by you or a fellow blogger that I can include in next Wednesday’s post, please comment below or email me with the name of the author, title of the publication, link to read/download/buy, and link to the author’s blog. Thank you!

The Mantle of Advice

I never thought of the fireplace mantle in a home as a focus of self expression until I owned my own. I figured I would hang something over mine eventually, but it was not priority over my initial projects in the house, which were painting over dated wallpaper and exorcising cat hair.  When I first moved in mid September, the mantle was decorated for the string of holidays that run though October, November, and December. Once January hit, and it was bare again, my mother started pushing for permanent decor. “You need to decorate your mantle!” she would insist, every time she visited. “It leaves this room plain.” Soon after a flurry of pins showcasing mantles adorned with  various decor began streaming my way.  They all had a common formula, large mirror with a framed picture leaning on it, with several other small items surrounding. My reaction to them was lukewarm. I liked the idea somewhat, but wasn’t sure where to start, or how to make it my own. I wasn’t sure if I wanted …