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Haibun 7

March brings the rain. It starts off light, covering every branch, blade of grass and spider web with a fine mist. The droplets start to form, and patter against the side walks. They fatten and settle into a steady drumming. Puddles form, the ground softens. The drumbeat picks up and a stream begins to run down the street. A wind picks up and changes the meter to double time, lashing the trees, driving a river down the pavement. The mud traps my feet, and water stings my face while roaring in my ears. All I can do is clench my eyes shut and clamp my hands over my ears to shut out the madness until the world is silent again. rain’s cacophony deafening, unrelenting drowning out the world

Sharp Edges

I once hada round silhouetteno cornersor rough spotsmen have ground me down, intorazor sharp edges ******* Written for a Dverse prompt from early in the week. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in until I spent time taking virtual bias training provided by my employer. The moderator mentioned that our company plans to be better about protecting employees from badly behaved clients, and a wave of memories of my own bad experiences washed over me.


I have been sorting through a whole trunk of mementos and photographs deciding what to keep and what to let go off. I’m trying to organize everything so I a finally complete scrapbooking it all like I’ve been promising myself for years. In the process, I’ve stumbled upon some of my high school poetry. I had completely forgotten writing most of it! I wrote this one with two friends while we were running wild with my magnetic poetry set. I have a Zoom call with them and the rest of our high school friends later this month, it will be fun to share this with them.

A Soul Ascending

I couldn’t be therewhen he left so I lit a smallwhite candlewatching it burndown to the base the flame flickeringunsure, waveringa faint blue outlineof what it once wasstretching outwith one last yellow reach then collapsing backinto a plume of smokethat spiraled uplike a soul ascending