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Blazing Beams

I’m used to pale amber rays tinting my morning Today they were a bold tangerine staining the world Some would squint at the blazing beams shining down Or lament the light leaving shimmering in the rear view But I soaked in those brief brilliant rays as they pushed me forward

The Topiary Garden

The thing was, you couldn’t watch all of them (not all at once.) He began to make a whining noise– unaware in his locked concentration that he was making any sound (at all.) His eyes darted, from one hedge creature to the next Trying to see them (move.) The wind gusted making a hungry rattling sound in the close matted branches. What kind of sound would there be (if they got him?) But of course he knew. A snapping, rending, breaking sound. (It would be–) no no NO NO I WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS NOT AT ALL! He clapped his hands to his over his eyes clutching at his hair, his forehead (his throbbing temple.) And he stood like that for a long time (dread building.) Until he could stand it no longer and he pulled his hands away. ****** The idea behind a found poem is to take a paragraph from a book, and break it down into lines that form a poem. I borrowed this one from Stephen King’s The Shining. It’s one …

The Birds Are Still

A cry rings out, loud and shrill Rustling, was that feathers? Shadows shift, the birds are still Bitter taste, another pill Thin assurance, it’s just the weather A cry rings out, loud and shrill Claws scratching, on my window sill Barricade the door, for good measure Shadows shift, the birds are still Threading sheets through bars gives me a thrill The doorknob rattles, expressing it’s displeasure A cry rings out, loud and shrill They want to pick me apart, against my will Bang bang, the door cracks under pressure Shadows shift, the birds are still Muscles tense, poised to kill Beak and skin clash together A cry rings out, loud and shrill Shadows shift, the birds are still ******** Just added this villanelle to Dverse’s open link night! Be sure to visit them for more great poetry.