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Summer Mood Board and Writing Prompts

The inspiration for these prompts and mood board can be credited to last week’s recording breaking heat here in the US. The 110 degree heat index definitely had me wishing I was 20,000 leagues under the sea, in a cool and dark submarine. Summer Writing Prompts: Dark watersInto the living infiniteFluorescenceNature’s creative powerOf sharks and menUntold depthsAll walls should be bannedThis unnatural lifeEverything has an end

I Am Perfectly Calm

“I am perfectly calm,” is what I keep repeating to myself in the face of my own personal burnout and increasingly distressing headlines. The past few months have been a little tough writing wise. I’d love to blame my writer’s block solely on the end of year pressure from my job, but it’s more then that. Pandemic fatigue has really set in for me. However, I started this blog to cope with a difficult job, and I’m determined to keep it going to cope with difficult times. Hopefully getting back to post a few times a week, sleeping more, and ignoring the news will get me back into writing regularly and breaking the writer’s block.

October Mood Board: The Forest Witch

It’s October, so naturally I’m thinking about witches. But not just any kind. I’m thinking about those solitary sorcereress’s, the witches in the woods that protagonists in movies and books typically seek out by venturing into a dark and mysterious forest. Usually these protagonists are looking for either information, a magical item, healing, or protection from a curse. The witch will give them what they need, but there is usually a cost, which the protagonist may or may not realize at first. October Writing Prompts Deep in the woodsOutdoor offeringsPainted runesDusty jarsA creaky cottage Secrets in the treesWild eyesMagic in the moonlight