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Autumn Writing Prompts and Mood Board

I really had fun coming up with prompts to go along with my harvest mood board last month, so I decided continue to create a list of prompts for the first Wednesday of every month. September is all about the official start of fall, but for me, also the start of the school year. Students may have resumed studies weeks ago here in North Carolina, but when I was in school years ago in Massachusetts, school wasn’t in full swing until the week after Labor Day. Autumn Writing Prompts Smoky lavender skiesThe scent of weather turningMisty rainMushroom bloomsAn orchard of crooked treesScarlet foliageLeaves crunching underfootA breeze sneaking under a tweed jacketSteam curling over teacupsWhispers in the library

Harvest Writing Prompts and Mood Board

I’ve been making some digital mood boards for writing inspiration. They’re fun to create, even if it’s verging on procrastinating instead of productivity. I came up with some writing prompts to go with this harvest themed board, let me know if they spark any creativity. Dark drinks The fading sun Blackberry stains Dancing with fireflies A hidden star Swept clean Crushed herbs

Hosting a Black Christmas in July

A few weeks ago, my sister was reflecting on our cancelled travel plans for the year, and decided we needed something new to look forward to. Originally, we had planned on attending a huge horror convention in California the first week of August, but decided in March that it was not a good idea to buy plane tickets for numerous reasons, including COVID-19. Ultimately, the convention was canceled. Her idea for a local alternative? Since the 25th lands on a Saturday this month, celebrating a Black Christmas in July. We are turning the AC up, wearing sweaters, and watching Christmas themed horror movies all day. My husband was sold on the idea for several reasons; he is a movie buff, I’m making a sausage potato casserole, and I’m thawing out frozen Christmas cookies from last December. We also have a leftover bottle of Christmas wine to top things off. Here’s a list of movies I came up with for anyone interested in planning their own movie marathon. I know not everyone is a fan of …

Summer Writing Prompts

Reading Rebecca Moon Rouke’s reflection on her relationship with writing prompts Omer at Rust Belt Girl got me thinking about my own experience with them. I would say at least 60% of my poetry has been inspired by prompts, and they were invaluable when I was writing my first poems after a 15 year absence from creative writing. One of my favorite places to find writing prompts is Instagram, where many poets and artists post monthly prompt lists. They are usually seasonally themed and often paired with equally inspiring visuals. I’ve compiled all of the ones I’ve bookmarked for July below, take a look and let me know if any of them spark creativity!

5 New Traditions to Start This Summer

Here in Charlotte the stay at home order has been lifted, but there are still many things that I used to enjoy each summer that either haven’t reopened, or I’m just not comfortable doing yet. So instead of wallowing, I’ve come up with a new list of traditions to look forward too. This summer may be different than last year, but there are still ways to enjoy it. 1. Visit specialty stores and try a new food I’m using the phrase speciality store loosely. Farms, bakeries, ice cream shops, a Korean grocery store, any small business selling food. Make a habit of visiting (or ordering online from) a few you’ve never been inside before, and try something new. You might discover a new favorite food, and if your a writer, unexpected inspiration from owners and other patrons. Given the recent events in the news, now is an especially good time to search out and support black owned businesses in your community. The first new place my husband and I are testing out is a dairy …