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Neighborhood Flora and Fauna

Our local botanical garden is still closed to the public, so I’m learning more about the flowers lining my neighborhood’s walking trail. These blooms are flowering on a Cold Hardy Mimosa, known for flowering around the beginning of summer and attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. It’s known in Japan as the sleeping tree, because it’s fern like leaves fold up at night.

Hanging On

Last Thursday my office was cleared out due to a report that a worker had tested positive for Covid-19 on the floor that I work on. This forced me to relocate to another office in the middle of the day, leaving me upset and out of sorts. It was upsetting, but spotting this little guy while leaving at the end of the day cheered me up. It felt like a little sight from the universe to just hang in there.

Rainy Days

It has been raining relentlessly in the Carolinas. At one point the meteorologist on the morning news declared that we had received a months worth of rain in three days. It’s definitely put my evening walks on hold, and washed out most of the long weekend. I may have been stuck inside, but I passed the expanding my photo editing skills. I tested a few apps used for adding motion to photos, and once I picked one, I was adding special effects to all my old vacation photos. The one above is from a rainy gondola ride in Juneau, Alaska.

Dress Rehearsal

Testing out our freshly cleaned fire pit in preparation for a summer of toasting marshmallows. Not pictured, the swarm of gnats that descended shortly after this photo was taken. I guess we’ll need to add some citronella candles to our backyard setup.

Daily Reminder

I leave this on my nightstand as a daily reminder to keep writing and taking risks. I bought it last year at my favorite antique mall. It’s set up in an old textile mill, with creaky wooden floors, whitewashed brick walls, and huge windows that let the sunlight stream through. The vender stalls are stacked with vintage and handmade goods from artists and small businesses. I miss being able to wander through and take in all the creativity. Don’t forget to support small businesses whenever you can!