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Melon From Outer Space

I may be exaggerating slightly, since melon is actually only from India. The karela, or Indian bitter melon, is usually served fried, mashed with potatoes, stuffed, or as part of a curry or soup. When I first saw this mound of frilly, green vegetables in a Korean grocery store, I thought they were straight out of a sci- fi movie prop department.

Circling Overhead

I noticed this large bird of prey circling overhead during an afternoon walk. I’m relatively sure it was a black vulture, as it was soon joined by three more. I’ve been noticing a lot more of them in the neighborhood my husband and I live in, possibly because the abandoned golf course a few miles away from our home is now being redeveloped for apartments and shopping.

Leaf Footed Bug

A large leaf footed bug is something I would expect to find crawling up the side of my office building in August, not the end of November. I admire it’s resilience against the weather (only twenty two degrees outside!) but now that I know it will emit loud noises and a foul odor as forms of defense, I sincerely hope I never find one in my house.