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Winter Views in the Smoky Mountains

There are a few reasons I enjoy hiking in the winter. It’s quieter, less people on the trails, and there are no bugs to bother me. But the biggest reason I enjoy hiking in the winter is I get to see views that would normally be obscured by greenery.

Sometimes, Life is Not Interesting

There is always extra pressure from my day job at the end of the year to hit certain goals, and at times it can feel exhausting. When it starts to feel overwhelming, I make a big warm drink (green tea latte today) and take a few minutes to myself before getting back to it. It’s been a huge drain on my creativity and desire to write. I’ve given up trying to fight that I have so many ideas and no energy to execute most of them. Lucky I am looking forward to a long holiday break to rest and get back into writing again.

On the Road

View of the Great Smokey Mountains from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stretching along the Tennessee/North Carolina border, “The Smokies” were given their name by the Cherokee, because of the natural fog that hangs over the mountain range. The Blue Ridge Parkway was constructed during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, and was designed to connect Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park via a roadway. It is the most visited part of the National Park system.