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Back Alley Deals

Operating for over 200 years, Brattle Book Store is one of Boston’s original book shops. The first time I visited was my sophomore year of high school. I had just just finished the full 20 mile loop for Boston’s Walk for Hunger with my friends, and my feet were so swollen, I was limping. I just wanted sit on a bench with the Ben and Jerry’s bar the walk’s organizers bestow on everyone who crosses the finish line. But my friends convinced me to begrudgingly limp a little bit further, to check out a bookstore a few blocks away. It was worth it. I loved the creaky wooden floors, the narrow isles between shelves stuffed full of books, and the quiet of the third floor, reserved for rare and antique books. The best part, however, was the outdoor sale in the alley adjacent to the store. Everything was three dollars or less, and I wound up buying a hefty National Geographic photography book for two dollars. I still own it. I went back again and …

Evening Rainstorm

I love rainy days, perfect for sipping tea and writing. Which is fortunate, because there are usually a lot of them in March! This photo was taken from the terrace of the first apartment my husband and I rented in Charlotte. It overlooked wetlands and was great for watching storms.

Shades of Spring

I spotted this young five lined skink on a walk last Sunday. It’s the first one I’ve spotted since last fall, it’s nice to see little signs of life emerge ahead of spring. The bright blue and yellow coloring will fade to a uniform brown when it reaches adulthood.