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40 Wacks

Replica of Abby Borden’s skull at the Borden house in Fall River. Abby and her husband Andrew were murdered with an axe August 4th, 1892. Andrew’s daughter Lizzie Borden was arrested for their murders, but ultimately was acquitted of the crime.

The Myth of the Bald Eagle Screech

When most Americans think of a bald eagles, they also think of the imposing screech they hear when one is featured in a movie or tv show. But that majestic call doesn’t belong to a bald eagle, it’s borrowed from a red tailed hawk, and dubbed in. The sound bald eagles actually make is more of a musical whistling. You can hear it in the video below that I took at the Carolina Raptor Center, where I was lucky enough to hear it in person.

Inside Your Head

A blood vessel configuration at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC. This model was created by injected the vessels with a special polymer. The surrounding tissue was then removed, leaving behind an delicate, eerie map of the blood vessels in a human head.