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After Hours Bird Watching

Now that I’m working from home, I try to make a point of taking a walk at the end of each day. This has turned me into an amateur bird watcher of sorts, check out what I’ve spotted so far.

A Real Life Snow Piercer

Much like the fictional train in the French comic book Snow Piercer, the trains of the White Pass Railroad also had to push through frigid winter conditions. During Alaska’s gold rush they hauled prospectors and everything they needed to survive (at least one ton of supplies) from Skagway to the gold fields in Dawson City. The trains are still operational, running for sightseeing tours.

My Mini Stonehenge Moment

Since the sun has been setting closer to 5pm each day this month, my office has been flooded with amber light as I prepare to leave in the evening. Each office door is paired with a tall glass pane designed to let sunlight into the hallways. Lately that has created a gorgeous geometric pattern on the wall from the waning sunlight.

Shopping Small with The Oddities and Curiosities Convention Vendors

I ( along with my twin sister and husband) were able to attend The Oddities and Curiosities convention this year in February before the pandemic forced a cancellation of most of this year’s dates. Many of the wonderfully weird artists, dealers, and taxidermists that usually assembled have scrambled to find new ways to sell their offerings. In the spirit of shopping small this holiday season, I decided to feature the venders that we purchased from this year and in 2019’s show. I’ve already become a repeat shopper for The Pickety Witch, the Krampus ornament above is one of her holiday offerings. Coffin jewelry box by Spooky Twins, @spookytwins13, Gravestone impression art by Gravestone Girls, Lapel pin, The Pickety Witch,, @thepicketywitch Gravestone impression art and magnet by Gravestone Girls, Lapel pin, The Pickety Witch,, @thepicketywitch Art print, Eclipse Afterglow Studios, Art print, Loft 817 Studios Page from Russian anatomy book, @3ringtravelingapothecary Other venders I bookmarked for later: Skulls and Stones Jewelry Little Fox Knots Presley Print Shop Amy May …

Local Leaf Peeping

Our local weatherman here in North Carolina has been promising vivid foliage since September. Last week, a combination of unseasonal warm temperatures and high rainfall finally produced the yellows, oranges, and reds I’d been waiting for. And I’m glad I was able to take a few sunny walks to enjoy them before the remnants of hurricane Eta blew them all off the trees yesterday.

Saharan Dust Cloud

2020 seems determined to constantly outdo itself in terms of strangeness. The Saharan dust cloud that wafted over the Southeastern US at the end of June was its latest effort, triggering a slew of news stories about quality warnings and potentially vivid sunsets. When it arrived the dust coated the sky in a visible milky haze, subtle and dramatic all at the same time. It was indeed strange to pause in a strip mall parking lot and ponder that I was inhaling dust from Africa while running morning errands.