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Liquifascination at Breakfast

The Eunoia Review is a great source of wonderful and varied poetry, like this poem by Karlo Sevilla, which uses beverages to describe what I imagine to be the beginning of a wonderful and relaxing day. I. I stir my hot brown coffee into a tiny whirlpool; my teaspoon chimes the campanellino that is my coffee cup. II. The lemonade inside lidded … Liquifascination at Breakfast

Waking on the River Styx – L. Stevens

My response to a prompt over at Freeverse Revolution was featured last Sunday. If you haven’t downloaded their most recent issue Hebe (fountain of youth), I would highly recommend you do! Written in response to our prompt ‘crossing the river Styx’. We will be sharing a piece by someone in our community each day this week in the lead up… Waking on the River Styx – L. Stevens

13 stunning poetry scenes in movies

I was toying with creating a list of great films featuring poetry, but then I found this one over at Pick Me Up Poetry. It’s better than anything I would have created, and has a few films I haven’t seen yet. Number 6 is one I really want to check out, and number 7 is one of my all time favorites. The first time I watched Coach Carter was back in 2008 at my high school leadership team-building retreat in … 13 stunning poetry scenes in movies

Issue I: contributors

I don’t have a formal post planned for today, just a quick shoutout for Freeverse Revolution’s upcoming issue Hebe (the fountain of youth). I’m looking forward to it! We hope you are as excited as we are about the release of Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth)! To tease you a little further, below are the … Issue I: contributors

Couldn’t Sleep

I’m sure many can relate to this poem by River Dixon, and there are much more relatable works on his blog The Stories In Between. there is something all around me, foreign, but at the same time familiar i’ve seen this place before perhaps in a dream, maybe through fluttering … Continue here: Couldn’t Sleep