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Issue I: contributors

I don’t have a formal post planned for today, just a quick shoutout for Freeverse Revolution’s upcoming issue Hebe (the fountain of youth). I’m looking forward to it! We hope you are as excited as we are about the release of Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth)! To tease you a little further, below are the … Issue I: contributors

Couldn’t Sleep

I’m sure many can relate to this poem by River Dixon, and there are much more relatable works on his blog The Stories In Between. there is something all around me, foreign, but at the same time familiar i’ve seen this place before perhaps in a dream, maybe through fluttering … Continue here: Couldn’t Sleep

My Favourite (Chill) Fairy Tale Retellings

Originally posted on the orang-utan librarian:
Today, I just wanted to share a super quick list of some of my favourite atmospheric, fairy tale retellings. All of these deliver on the wintry vibes- without you having to the hassle of going outside 😉 The Snow Child– it’s been a long while since I mentioned this exquisite historical fiction. Set in 1920s Alaska, it draws on the Russian fairy tale by the same name and delivers something utterly unique. The Bear and the Nightingale– also inspired by Russian folklore, this has a more fantastical touch and is set in an authentically medieval setting. If you’re in the mood for high fantasy, then I can’t give you a better recommendation for the winter months. Wolf in the Whale– this is more inspired by a patchwork of different mythologies, stories and histories- which I think qualifies it to be on this list. Plus, it certainly delivers on the atmospheric quota- you’ll need to be nice and snug while you’re reading this, or you’ll catch a chill! To Kill…


Originally posted on mindlovemisery:
Life insists on patience but once I have arrived at a destination how can I be content to wait outside? ? My heart falters mid-air clips the rim of the wastebasket and falls to the floor with an unsettling squelch. She will leave a stain no doubt. But isn’t that what we all want to leave something behind when we are gone and haven’t the impulse to make anything new? ? I watch her sputter and turn. Everything hurts, your absence, my disenfranchised life, even the crescents at the ends of my fingertips from scraping so long at the same intractable walls. ? I am afraid of my life, afraid of my heart  because even on the outside she has a knack for drawing me in. The butterflies in my stomach are made of wire. They jab and tangle. They perforate my insides whenever they spread their amature wings. ? I don’t want to die voluntarily incarcerated. I don’t want to go another moment without knowing you. The road between us…

The Water Cure

The Leather Funnel is a short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle, during a period of time when he was a bit tired of his more famous literary creation, Sherlock Holmes. Branching out from Doyle’s popular detective makes for an interesting read that centers around dubious artifacts and unsettling dreams. Click to access tales-of-terror-and-mystery-002-the-leather-funnel.pdf


When I spent weekends visiting my grandparents growing up, there was often Broadway musicals playing on their record player. Sunset Boulevard was often in rotation, so I loved that it serves as the inspiration for this portrait taken by J.J. Grafton. Over the Christmas and New Year period, we watched a lot of old films on television, including Sunset Boulevard, starring the wonderful Gloria … FADED DREAMS

Donner Train Tunnels

The arrival of 2021 hasn’t changed my limited ability to travel, so I’ll settle for living through others exploits for now. The Donner Train tunnels are a fun day trip from Sacramento. Located near Donner Ski Ranch one can hike through one tunnel or all of the tunnels for … Donner Train Tunnels