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galaxies – L. E.

sometimes I am quite sure

Instagram Creature Feature

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @rfedortov_official_account. Maintained by a Russian deep sea fisherman, the creatures he photographs remind me of many monsters and aliens that I’ve seen in movies and TV shows. Peppered in-between the creature photos are gorgeous shots of sunrises at sea.

Everyone’s holey

I read this and immediately thought of a moment from a family trip to Disney World. We had gotten an early start, and emerged from the hotel to find gardeners ripping up the flowers surrounding the fountain in front of the entryway. Although I recall the trip as being nothing but fun and full of good memories, ironically it’s is also the start of my understanding as a child of the difference between what was magical, and what was manicured. Though they be dented,deserving adoration,are flowers; humans. Everyone’s holey

Bermuda – L. Stevens

Originally posted on FREE VERSE REVOLUTION:
The sun is long gone and the stars are being  outshined by the brightest moon of the year ? The air is cool but the spray from  the waves is warmer  than I expected ? The boat speeds us out to the edge of a mystical realm Known for mirth and mayhem ? We peer through the glass bottom, looking for coral, sea creatures  And the bones of ships ? Sunk long ago ? ? L. Stevens is an intj who loves learning about everything and filing it away for later. She finished second in little infinite’s first haiku contest, and her poetry has been featured by Pack Poetry, Freeverse Revolution, and Heretics, Lovers and Madmen.  She writes short stories and poetry about the moon, darkness, and anything else lurking in the deep abyss of her imagination. More of her work can be seen at and on instagram @everydaystrangeblog

Living Vicariously Through Photographer Dieter Klein

If your like me, and your travel plans have changed dramatically this year, it’s hard not to feel disappointed. I’m cheering myself up by exploring the photography of Dieter Klein. I discovered his surreal photos of abandoned vintage cars on BBC’s In Pictures column, and they were mesmerizing. This lead me to his instagram, a quirky mix of travel, portraits, and oddball art shots. View this post on Instagram #sonne#sand#meer#spanien#liebe#luft#wasser A post shared by Dieter Klein (@dieterppmfilm) on Aug 13, 2015 at 10:48am PDT

Teacup Fairy Gardens

Originally posted on My OBT:
If you (like me) are craving a fun crafts project right now, but don’t have a ton of space, I have a great solution for you! These are teacup fairy gardens, and everyone has room for at least one of them! Some are made of real plants, some are artificial, but all are really sweet and tiny. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could grab an old teacup and make your own, with miniatures you have hanging around. If you need miniature pieces, Etsy is full of beautiful items. And if you aren’t feeling crafty, you also might consider one of the pre-made gardens for sale. You can check out everyone’s creative teacup fairy gardens on Instagram.