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Strange Recommendations from The Orangutan Librarian

If you have a long weekend coming up courtesy of Thanksgiving, The Orangutan Librarian has a great list of offbeat reads at the below link. One of her selections, Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, is one of my favorite books. Cos I’m a great big weirdo 😉 Book of Hidden Things– this is easily the most unpopular book on this list and yet I absolutely love this odd story set… Weird Books and Plays I Like

Rolling Through The Sage

I can’t revisit any event or destination without retaking pictures of it. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been to the same show, museum, zoo, or local park, I need to snap a picture. This post from The Gravel Ghost reassures me that I’m not the only one with this problem! The Twenty Mule Team I’ve been photographing the Twenty Mule Team for many years now.  People sometimes wonder why I continue to take photographs of … Rolling Through The Sage

The Steadiest Hands

If you need something soothing to get you through the rest of this week, these Zen garden videos by artist Yuki Kawae are it. Originally posted by Donna at My OBT, they are calming and mesmerizing. Yuki Kawae This week, my household is in need of comfort and peace. These beautiful videos by artist Yuki Kawae are kind of hitting the spot (as much… The Steadiest Hands

No Ghost in These Machines

Reading this reminder me of an article I read about how all the faces we see in our dreams are faces we’ve seen before. Our minds don’t make up new ones, so a stranger in a dream has the face of someone you’ve at least met in passing. The leaves in the park are the faces I’ve known but no longer know. They dance and float around as I pass through in silence, head down and dreaming … No Ghost in These Machines

Everyone’s holey

I read this poem and immediately thought of a moment from a family trip to Disney World. We had gotten an early start, and emerged from the hotel to find gardeners ripping up the flowers surrounding the fountain in front of the entryway. Although I recall the trip as being nothing but fun and full of good memories, ironically it’s is also the start of my understanding as a child of the difference between what was magical, and what was manicured. Though they be dented,deserving adoration,are flowers; humans. Everyone’s holey

Issue II released

Happy Solstice! Can I offer you some poetry to enjoy on the longest day of the year? The second issue of Freeverse Revolution’s new literary magazine is available, and it’s fantastic. I have two poems in this edition, one which has not been previously posted on my blog. I’m so excited to be in such great company with this group of poets, so be sure to download Hermes and give them all a read! Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope) is now available to download! The digital download is completely free but if you wish to donate/pay as you feel, … Issue II released