Author: L. Stevens

Shopping Small with The Oddities and Curiosities Convention Vendors

I ( along with my twin sister and husband) almost missed the The Oddities and Curiosities convention completely when it stopped in Charlotte this past summer. Fortunately, a friend of ours clued us in, and wonderfully weird artists, dealers, and taxidermists assembled. In the spirit of shopping small this holiday season, I decided to feature the venders that we purchased from, and the ones that I took cards from so I could keep an eye out for future shows, since many of the have websites and Etsy shops. I’ve already become a repeat shopper for The Pickety Witch, the Krampus ornament above is one of her holiday offerings. At the bottom is The Oddities and Curiosity Convention’s 2020 schedule, and even if you don’t think you’d buy anything, I still recommend you go. The tickets are cheap, the crowd watching is fascinating, and there is always entertainment scheduled. Coffin jewelry box by Spooky Twins, @spookytwins13, Gravestone impression art by Gravestone Girls, Lapel pin, The Pickety Witch,, @thepicketywitch Gravestone impression art and magnet …

Thanksgiving Eve

Here’s what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving Eve: 1. My new potato peeler. 2. Taking a post rain walk this morning. I got one more glimpse of foliage before the predicted weather blows it all off the trees this weekend. 3. I’m hosting my family for Thanksgiving, and the bomb cyclone hitting a good portion of the United States won’t keep them from coming. 4. I own a house big enough to host them. 5. My company remains closed on Friday, giving everyone an extra day off to clean, relax, and recover. Whatever your plans are for tomorrow, I hope they unfold as expected and you have a great Thanksgiving.