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Relaunching Everyday Strange this September

Starting this September, I will be relaunching this site as an online lifestyle magazine.

A new issue will be released with a specific theme on the first of each month. I will still have articles that cover music, travel, and writing, and will be adding book reviews and a shopping/thrifting guide. A weekly quote of the week will be posted each Monday once each issue is launched.

The goal is to move away from a diaristic approach and make this site more expansive content wise. I don’t want things to just be about me anymore!

Below are the monthly themes I have planned out for the year. I’ll be updating progress on a new Instagram account, @everydaystrangemag and my author account @lstevenswriter.

Issue Themes for 2023

  • September- Dark Academia
  • October- Momento Mori
  • November- Dark History
  • December- Traditions

I hope you’ll meet me back here in September!

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