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Winter Mood Board and Inspiration

The Dark days and long nights of December have me thinking about the importance of light in during winter.

From sunsets to starlight, light in all it’s forms holds extra significance this time of year. Candlelight is a part of many religious holidays with winter dates, and a general form of comfort.

Zubair Ahsan’s poem The Moth and Its Beloved definitely captures my love of candlelight in winter.

The music video for Apocalyptic’s Nothing Else Matters showcases a gorgeous winter sunset.

The Moth and Its Beloved

Zubair Ahsan, Of Endeavours Blue

Ask the moth the beauty of the candle 
And it will burn without a confession
There is a secret to its longing 
For it feels no fear or hesitation

The moth is too much in love with the flame Yet it does not appear under the sun
For the moon’s light is far too feeble, and 
It gave up on its pursuit of the sun

Just a sight of a candle is enough
To remind it of its real beloved
So it settles for that candle in reach,
Revels in its heat, and asks to be burned

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