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October Mood Board: The Forest Witch

It’s October, so naturally I’m thinking about witches. But not just any kind.

I’m thinking about those solitary sorcereress’s, the witches in the woods that protagonists in movies and books typically seek out by venturing into a dark and mysterious forest.

Usually these protagonists are looking for either information, a magical item, healing, or protection from a curse. The witch will give them what they need, but there is usually a cost, which the protagonist may or may not realize at first.

October Writing Prompts

Deep in the woods
Outdoor offerings
Painted runes
Dusty jars
A creaky cottage
Secrets in the trees
Wild eyes
Magic in the moonlight

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  1. Sun Hesper Jansen says

    Just the list I was looking for! Especially since that lead song once ensnared me to an ex, but I’ve since reclaimed it. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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