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Remnants of Summer

A small remnant of summer spotted outside my patio, an emerald green june bug. They are considered pests by many, due to their voracious appetites for greenery. They are dubbed june bugs simply because they emerge from the ground in June, hungry for freshly planted gardens.

June bugs are also part of the Scarab family, which were considered symbols of rebirth and renewal by Ancient Egyptians.

According to John Hopkins Archeaolgy Museum, “The beetle was associated closely with the sun god because scarabs roll large balls of dung in which to lay their eggs, a behavior that the Egyptians thought resembled the progression of the sun through the sky from east to west. Its young were hatched from this ball, and this event was seen as an act of spontaneous self-creation, giving the beetle an even stronger association with the sun god’s creative force.”

I guess everything is a matter of perspective.

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