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September Mood Board and Writing Prompts

I always feel a weird nostalgia at the beginning of September for that back to school feeling. Its been over ten years since I graduated from college, but the start of September feels more like a new start than New Year’s Eve does.

I suppose for a long portion of my life, September was a new beginning, marked by fresh school supplies, a bigger coat, and a new classroom. I want to go to a Staples and inhale the scent of fresh notebooks and erasers. Do kids even need to buy those anymore?

Perhaps that’s why books and movies set in schools still hold their appeal long into adulthood. Particularly ones in set in sweeping, gothic academies like The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dead Poets Society, and the Harry Potter series, which add drama and intrigue to the shared experience of returning to school.

September Writing Prompts:

Marble floors
Echoes of footsteps
Wrinkled white button downs
Cracked book spines
Ink smudges
Coffee stains
Cluttered desks
Up late studying
Rain pattering on windows

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