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Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (Chinese Lantern Festival)

I’ve visited the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden many times to escape into it’s captivating displays of exotic flowers and soothing water features, but this visit in 2017 is one of my favorites. A special collection of Chinese Lanterns was layered in between the flowers and foliage, creating a whimsical and colorful atmosphere. The lanterns were created in Zigong China,where the tradition of lantern festivals was born, and then carefully transported to North Carolina for display.

Along with traditional silk lanterns, the collection also featured elaborate elephant statues constructed from Chinese teacups, and a peacock sculpture constructed from recycled pill bottles filled with colored water. Visit my instagram feed (everyday.strange) to watch a video of its elaborate display in motion!

Usually when I am snapping pictures at an event, I try to eliminate people from my shots as much as possible. This time however, I couldn’t help letting a few children slip into my photos. They definitely help capture the scale, whimsy, and humor in the lanterns shaped as all sorts of creatures, from snails to towering giraffes and fearsome predators.


  1. A couple of years back we went to an exhibition of full scale chinese lanterns, similar to these, depicting the Terracotta Warriors, complete with horses. It was quite something. These are incredible. I love how the animals are set ‘in the wild’. The phoenix is truly stunning. Great photos 🙂

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  2. theloyalbritwit says

    What lovely pictures!! Lanterns are quite extraordinary in my opinion and I also enjoyed the small history lesson. Thanks for sharing!!! 😃💫

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