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Childhood Artifacts

I’ve been sorting through a box of old mementos and photos for a massive scrapbooking project, and along with some old poetry, I’ve also stumbled on some old art projects and other artifacts from my childhood.

It’s funny how you can forget about an object until you see it again, and then a whole flood of memories come back. This sketch and painting was a high school art class assignment where we chose a picture from a pile, and sketched it upside down.

We then chose one color, and painted the same picture upside down using different shades of that one color. I remember feeling so proud when my art teacher told me I had chosen well when I selected blue.


  1. Dave Williams says

    It’s an odd sort of discovery with the objects we’ve forgotten. Odd in a pleasant way. I felt that when re-reading old poems and stories. It was kind of like re-discovering what I was focused on back then.

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  2. Eh, I’m slowly getting more comfortable being less anonymous. I think it was on some of the poetry contest links I’ve posted as well.


  3. In June my ex brought round some last bits and pieces in two cardboard boxes, stuff of mine from years ago, which was kind. A mini disk player, old notebooks and photos and lots of scrap treasures. It was kind of like Christmas!

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    • A lot of what I’ve been sorting through has come from my mom, who has apparently been storing everything from standardized test results to my grandmother’s mink stole. It has been like Christmas going through all of it!

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