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Officially Working Remotely

I’ve gotten a new position at work, and am now working remotely. It’s a big change for me, although I’m pretty late to the work from home party.

Any advice from those of you who have been at this for close to a year now. My current coping mechanisms for barely leaving the house are lots of walks and buying flowers for my new home office at the grocery store.


  1. Congrats! My advice, for what it’s worth. (I’m a freelancer and work for myself, so it’s a little different, and I’m a tough taskmaster–ha!) Definitely try to stick to a firm schedule–8-5, 9-6, hour for lunch, half hour for lunch, whatever. And then step away from the computer. The danger of the work-from-home situation is that you never stop working, because the computer is right there.

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    • Having a set schedule has definitely been instrumental! I’m an hourly employee though, so I definitely don’t have an issue with shutting down for the day once I’m off the clock!

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  2. Dave Williams says

    You’ve already got a good start with taking walks — that’s something I didn’t do when I started freelancing several years ago. I do that now, and the walks are wonderful breaks. I second the other commenter about a regular schedule. And if you can have a dedicated space for work, that’s helpful. It creates a distinction between working-at-home and living-at-home. Mental breaks are big benefits to get away from the computer and work space to enjoy other things in life.

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    • I did create my own space in what would normally be a formal living room but was really a dumping ground for junk. It was nice to clean it out and have it serve a purpose.

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