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Change is in the air

Imbloc is a pagan Celtic holiday that marks the midpoint of winter equinox and spring solstice. Observed from sundown on the first through sundown on the second, it’s considered a time to celebrate the growing warmth of the sun. Ancient pagans would celebrate with festivals featuring large bonfires, special food, and divination. Performing a spring cleaning was also an important tradition.

In the US, it feels like we are celebrating a little early. Watching last week’s presidential inauguration, I felt such a warm sense of relief. The pandemic may not be over, and nothing concrete has changed overnight, but I feel as though an era of stress and uncertainty has ended.

Since last week, so many harmful policies have been reversed. New plans to fight the pandemic are being put in place. And thanks to Amanda Gorman, poetry is being valued in a way it hasn’t been in a really long time.

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