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Hubbard Glacier

When I first saw the Hubbard Glacier from a distance, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that it is larger than the state of Rhode Island. As the cruise ship I was traveling on drifted closer, the thin stripe at the end of the bay transformed into a stunning expanse of ice.

Once we were as close as the ship could get, we came to a stop. I took in all of the gorgeous tones of blue in the ice and water, the quiet occasionally broken by the calving of ice, and exclamations of awe.

Looking back on the trip now, it seems like even more of a once in a lifetime experience.


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    • So I think they said it was 300 feet above the waterline, and then another 300 feet of ice below the water.

      I repost my stuff by just finding the original post and changing the date to a future one. It’s a nice way to clean up older stuff and get it a few more views.


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