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My New Favorite Thing: Ambient Noise Recordings

Ever since I returned to work after a brief furlough in April, I’ve felt like Bill Murray trapped in Groundhog Day. I didn’t return to my old role managing a front desk, instead I’ve been holed up in a vacant office, working on various admin projects and audits.

As much as I’m happy to still have a job, the work I’m doing now is pretty monotonous in comparison to the fast paced days I used to have. I’ve been relying on making new playlists and listening to podcasts to break up the work day, but lately I’ve been looking for something new.

I originally stumbled upon ambient noise videos while looking for something soothing to listen to during my yoga bedtime routine, but now I love listening to them while I’m at work too. They block out distracting sounds, keep me focused, and are incredibly relaxing. There’s something transporting about sound as well, especially now. When I listened to the British Museum Atrium recording, I was surprised to realize how long it’s been since I’ve visited such a large, echoey, space.

What sounds do you miss? There’s a good chance someone’s made a recording of them.

Campfire on the Beach by Relaxing Soundzzz

Crackling Campfire on the Tundra of Norway by Virtual Fireplace

Rain Sounds on the Lotus Gardens by Ambiance Korea

Ocean Ambience on a Tropical Island (Maldives) by Relaxing Sounds

Forest Sounds/Woodland Ambiance by The Guild of Ambiance

Royal Library/Thunderstorm and Fireplace by New Bliss

Victorian Era Ambiance by Autumn Cozy

Pine Forest Wind Sounds by Howling Wind

Reference Library with Rain Sounds by Winter Whale ASMR

British Museum Atrium by Ship Walking


  1. Someone came in for a haircut saying they’d just moved north from Dorset. Oh? Whereabouts? I grew up in Dorset.
    When she said Bridport I laughed saying, I know it well (though I hadn’t visited for 30 years). She said she came north to retire – the rents here being cheaper – and also because of the coastline that reminded her of that other county. She had worked as a sound technician for the BBC and as a hobby made ambient noise compilations.

    When she returned for another trim she brought with her a gift: a cdr of a walk along Chesil beach. I play it late at night. The sound of the surf crashing, the pebbles rolling, the seabirds laughing, the wind snapping at the microphone…man, I swear I can smell the seaweed. It smells of 1975.


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