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I love this eerie nighttime photo taken by Marilee Mitchell at The Gravel Ghost. Very mysterious.

I’m currently listening to the third season of of Unexplained, a podcast hosted by Aaron Maine, known for taking a deep dive into a different historical topics. This season is dissecting the events and circumstances surrounding Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror over London in 1888.

This may be a modern photograph, but it definitely reminded me of the infamous serial killer stalking the East End under the cover of night.

The Gravel Ghost

Boston, Massachusetts

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  1. That sounds like an interesting podcast. Do they talk about the London fog at all. When I was visiting in 1984, they had one of those London fog nights and you literally couldn’t see past 10 feet. People would ‘step out of the fog’ and then disappear in seconds. When I think of Jack the Ripper, I think of him using the fog as cover.

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    • The fog definitely has been mentioned. And I’m learning much more about the differences between the East End and West End in London then I ever anticipated.


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