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Meta Poem 1

I want my words to be

curls of smoke that linger

a cold brush of icy fingers


I want my words to be

bones clinking in the night

claws scratching for a fight


I want my words to be

a raven’s cry in the air

a creak from an old stair


I want my words to be

the depths of oceans deep

the shadows in your sleep


I want my words to be

the blood that boils

the floods that roil


the heat of flames

unspoken shames


shards of ice

heavy price


a mark

the dark


  1. Really enjoyed reading this….seems to me to be many wishes to be remembered, to be indelible, to make a mark.
    Might you add a link to dVerse so others can find us and participate as well? Also will add to your readers.
    So glad to see you here! Glad you posted tonight with dVerse, the virtual pub for poets.

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  2. Glenn Buttkus says

    Meta poem is not a familiar form to me; it’s kind of cool. I like the way it winnows itself down by the close, like the trunk of a word tree.

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    • It’s not a specific form, just part of a challenge to write a poem about poetry. It was fun to work on though!


  3. I love the darkness of this poem, the words as curls of smoke, the ‘raven’s cry in the air’ and the ‘creak from an old stair’ – so deliciously eerie! As poets we need to make our marks in the dark.

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