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A Grave Mistake: The Soundtrack of Lore

I’ve been assigned to a data entry project at work, and have taken to listening to podcasts to pass the time while I toil away on it. Not that I’m complaining, I’d rather be in an office alone instead of managing a front desk like I normally would be!

One my favorite podcasts to listen to is Adam Mahnke’s Lore. Focusing on folklore from all over the world, the short episodes are the perfect length for me. Adam is also a great storyteller. In addition to the stories themselves, I love the mournful background music that accompanies them. Arraigned by Chad Lawson, it’s equal parts soothing and melancholy. I liked it so much I tracked it down on iTunes so I could use it as another writing playlist.

It turns out Lawson has a whole album of music from the podcast called A Grave Mistake. My favorite track is called Birthmark. If you’ve ever read up on witch trials in Europe and the US, you know that witches were often identified by birthmarks by their accusers, and this comes up often in the stories told on Lore.

So far while listening to it I’ve written my first short story of the year (posting it tomorrow!) I’ve also came up with the concept for a longer price that I can’t wait to share later this year.

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