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What horror movie or TV show would you give the Muppet Treatment?

My sister sent me the above meme last week (credit to @thesuperghoul for creating), and it definitely inspired some interesting casting choices. My first thought was to cast Silence of the Lambs with muppets and leave Hannibal Lecter as the only human. Her suggestion was to put the muppets in the Excorcist, and leave Reagan, the possessed little girl as the only human.

My husband had both the very silly idea of casting them in Cujo with the dog as the only live cast member, and the inspired idea to put the muppets in Interview with a Vampire, with the reporter as the only human. I for one would love to see Kermit the Frog cast as the melancholy Louie, and the grumpy old men as the Lestate brothers. I imagine them hurling petty insults at their victims before sucking their blood.

What movie or TV show would you cast the muppets in? Perhaps you’d cast them in a book adaptation that hasn’t been filmed yet. Let me know in the comments!


  1. How about Stephen King’s IT, 1990. Pennywise is the only live character. The losers club are Kermit as Bill, Beaker as Eddie, Rowlf as Ben, Miss Piggy as Beth, Gonzo as Mike, Fozzie as Richie, and Dr Bunson as Stan.

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  2. I proposed this to my roommate and they suggested Texas Chain Saw Massacre for the imagery of stuffing flying everywhere when the chainsaw is used on one of the muppets.

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